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Let's find out how effective Google Adwords are.

In order to make any kind of gain, one must be willing to make some sort of investment. This investment can be either through cash, raw intelligence, physical power or sheer hard work. This is especially true when you talk about a facility such as Google AdWords. It is one of the products offered by tech giant Google, which allows businesses to generate internet traffic for their websites through pay per click arrangements. Due to the fact that it costs money to launch such an ad campaign, many may have their doubts about making use of them.

Google is the most widely used search engine today, and as such will assure you of regular and sufficient web traffic, based on the investment you make. Making use of the AdWords tool therefore presents businesses and websites with a wide array of benefits. This is also driven by the fact that this is not only the primary source of income for Google but also its principal advertising platform. They do this by providing a Pay per Click (PPC) facility through which one can launch advertising campaigns targeted at internet users ranging from local to international markets.

Some of the most commonly searched terms on Google today include the phrases “How does AdWords work?” and “Can AdWords work?” This reflects the fact that many business proprietors as well as internet marketers have knowledge about it but are not very sure about whether it would be effective for their business or website. On the contrary, AdWords has proved to be one of the most successful and effective modes of advertising for all kinds of businesses. Its one of the best moves you can make in order to generate more publicity. The potential return on investment for your business is great through the use of this Pay per Click facility. This article aims to inform you how you can best make use of this marketing tool.

Before diving into further details regarding Adwords however, it is important to keep one thing in mind: This should not be used as an excuse for not making use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. This is due to the fact that PPC itself cannot get you the results that would be achieved if this campaign is run in a balanced manner alongside SEO. You should therefore make use of email marketing, social media marketing and other methods to achieve the best results for your campaign.

For those of you who are yet to set up their first AdWords campaign, the next section is for you. The aim is to describe in a very concise and detailed manner the top ten reasons why it is one of the most worthwhile advertising methods:


One of the biggest drivers behind AdWords’ wide adoption is the fact that one only needs a small amount of capital in order to launch an advertising campaign. One is required to pay only a small amount of money in order to get an AdWords account which you can then use to pitch for the most effective keyword phrases. You provide the keyword phrases, target links and bid for those keywords for your campaign and money is billed to your account only when there are clicks. This means that you only pay for the traffic that visits your site, and you can guarantee the traffic you get to your website is looking for what you are offering.


For any investment, one needs to get a return in terms of turnover for it to be profitable and sustainable. This is exactly what AdWords offers, as it increases the number of page views and visits to your site through an increase in the number of clicks. Higher click rates from potential customers means your visitors are more likely to respond to your call to take action phrases like Sign up, join, Subscribe etc. which will lead to a good return on investment (ROI). Several factors that will help you have an amazing turnover are using common keywords with high conversation rate, a well built website with attractive content and appropriate bidding.


There is no Holy Grail with regard to AdWords campaigns. Experimentation is the best way to come up with a campaign that yields maximum results. Google AdWords allows one to do this with no restrictions or extra payments whatsoever. You are able to launch various campaigns using different keywords and Meta descriptions to test their effectiveness. This allows you to know which one yields the best results and therefore which keywords to bid for and at what rates. This will ensure that you are at the top of your game and are able to launch the best campaigns that will have high conversion rates.

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Another key driver of AdWords popularity and success is that it gives its users the freedom to make their budget plans independently. This is because one can monitor the success or lack thereof for a given keyword to determine the amount to bid for. This allows you to monitor your budgets and make the most informed decisions without straining your finances. You are able to increase or decrease the bid amount depending on not only the click rate but also the conversion rates associated with specific keywords which makes management as easy as it can possibly get.


Instead of optimizing websites to attract visitors, why not go to them directly? This is the thinking behind the targeted traffic facilities that are provided for by AdWords. This is done by making use of a specific set of ads that are aimed at serious audiences which have a high propensity to visit the site and make purchases or perform any other desired call to action. AdWords allows this to be done by enabling one to make use of specific keywords for certain locations where these audiences are likely to come from. This means that the conversion rates are much higher than they would be without it.


For any serious marketer, nothing is more important than the hard data that defines the performance of an ad campaign. The developers of AdWords have worked hard to allow the provision of these through Google Analytics and Get Clicky. With these or any other platforms, one is able to get data on the performance of their campaigns through regular analyses and reports. With this data, you can track which campaigns or keywords are performing as well as expected or not, and make the most informed decisions regarding them in future.


We all need a helping hand at one time or another in order to make the best moves. AdWords does this in a very ingenious way. Due to the fact that the system has access to the data from the most searched terms on the internet for your product, it provides one with keyword suggestions. These are not just any keywords however; they are those which have the potential of driving the most traffic and leading to high conversion rates. They include grammatical variations of given keywords and even misspelled ones. This means that you will be able to make use of the most effective ones without doing the research for them on your own. Not only do you get to save on energy and time but are also able to maximize your conversion rates.


The needs of people vary from one location to another, even for one product or service. Being aware of this fact is essential to your business as it makes it possible to attune your offers to their specific needs. AdWords facilitates this through a wide variety of tools that enable you to create localized target ads for a specific region or locality. It allows you to customize not only their keywords but also websites in a way that is appealing and effective for a particular region. This includes the use of local languages and terms and has direct impacts on the click rate.


Even after making use of all the relevant methods of optimizing your website for audiences, it may still not generate the kind of traffic you would want it to. This is due to the fact that this more often than not boils down to strategic positioning, not only on the search result pages, but also on other relevant sites. This is where AdWords comes in handy. It provides a range of facilities that will make it possible for you to generate instant traffic through the use of paid ads that are prominently displayed on these pages and sites. This undoubtedly increases your visibility and as a result the traffic to your site.


Many people have a tendency to go for things that are popular and trusted by a large number of people. AdWords enables one to position their sites among these by increasing their visibility as well as search engine rankings. This would attract many users who are likely to do the call to action without any second thoughts thereby not only increases the click rates but also the conversion rates. It also increases the brand value of a website in addition to leveling the playing field between you and competitors.

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