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A big advantage of social media is that you can reach out to people who are interested in a specific niche without too much research. You can just create content and tag it with specific keywords that pop up on the timeline of people who have indicated interest in that keyword niche.

If you're looking to harness the power of social media to create a successful marketing campaign in the coming year 2020, then here are 15 campaign ideas you should definitely consider. 

  • Create Educational and Helpful Content

Make sure that your social media posts contain educational content in 2020. Most people often forget that they are marketing to people; people who have minds of their own and have to be convinced to open their wallets and give you money. Your biggest mistake would be to ignore the needs of these people and just make your marketing strategy obvious to them. Helpful content will, however, make your audience relaxed around your business and maintain loyalty to your brand.

  • Re-use High-performing Content

When you create content that resonates with your audience across your social media platforms, it's usually a good idea to repurpose it. If it was a video or podcast you did the first time and it performed really well, you could break it up into short summary clips for your Instagram stories. Doing this will improve your marketing performance. 

  • Maximize Every Hashtag

Hashtags are a way of curating everything that has ever been said about a topic on social media, most especially on Twitter and Instagram. You must have heard about the #MeToo campaign, or NASA's #GlobalSelfie. These are just a few examples of what can happen when you maximize every hashtag in your social media posts. 

  • Create Viral Content

Nothing beats viral content on social media. When a trend or post, picture or comment goes viral, the kind of exposure it brings is phenomenal. While it might be hard to reach a big level of exposure as a small business, you can still aim to create content that has the potential to go viral. 

  • Hype up all Your Events

You can decide to flood the social media space with information about your upcoming events and get people to talk about them. It's often a great idea to use the services of social media influencers who can reach more people with a single post. When you create hype for your events, people begin to notice your campaigns and your business grows. 

  • Create 'Caption This' Contests

This is a good way to engage with your audience and get them to contribute to the discussion about your brand and business. Most social media users voluntarily participate in caption contests because it's fun and it allows them to be creative and expressive. 

  • Get Inspiration from Holidays

What do Halloween, Easter and Christmas all have in common? They're all holidays. You can use holidays to promote discounted sale campaigns to your audience or easy contests to engage with them. It doesn't even have to be a huge holiday, you can just create a campaign to go with the current events happening at the time. Trust me, it always works. 

  • Live-stream your events

Do not underestimate the power of live feeds when creating a social media campaign. The majority of social media users prefer live videos to media posts. You could stream your product launches or your interactions with customers. Doing this will bring more loyal fans to your brand. 

  • Organize Giveaways

People love freebies, no matter how small. There's a psychological advantage that comes with the word 'free'. It makes customers want the 'free' product and they'll do anything to get it. You can use this to your advantage and organize regular giveaways for your customers and fans. 

  • Create Polls

Polls encourage user engagement on social media. It's an effortless way to engage with more people without sacrificing any extra cash. You can find fun things to organize polls about and watch your audience grow. 

  • Use Calls-To-Action in your Social Media Posts

CTAs are an effective way to get more people to engage with your brand even if they didn't plan to. People often want to find a purpose to do everything they do. Give them one in each of your posts. With simple CTAs, you can get your audience to subscribe to your newsletter or sign up for an offer. You just need to know how to ask. 

  • Use Testimonials

What better way to inspire more confidence in your audience about your brand than to let them see your happy customers? It's easy, you can start a hashtag campaign and ask your customers to share their experience with your products. Coca-Cola nailed it with their #ShareaCoke campaign, you can too.

  • Participate in Popular Trends

Flowing with the times is the key to evolution in any business. You can use the hype generated by popular events or trends around you to market your brand's products to the world. It's the best kind of exposure you can get for free on social media. 

  • Let Your Customers Know About Special Offers

You can utilize your social media posts in informing your followers about discounts and special offers in your business. Social media platforms like Facebook have business segments specifically designed for this purpose. Make sure you're not left behind in 2020.

  • Use Influencers to Get Your Business in Front of More Customers

Social media influencers are those who have a large following on social media platforms and charge a fee to tell their followers about products, offers and opportunities. These influencers are effective because their followers trust them and will believe anything they say. That means the chances of getting more customers with influencers is higher in the long run. 

These social media marketing ideas might seem like nothing to many but they sure work and will help a lot of businesses convert more leads in 2020. Will your business be one of them?

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