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B2B marketers are aware of the fact that if you create a good-quality webinar you will definitely be able to generate more sales leads. Statistics have shown that:

  • Webinars are the best way to generate qualified leads.
  • A large percentage of buyers choose to share their personal information in exchange for a webinar.

However, you need a formed strategy in order to manage to generate webinar leads. Don't take it for granted that you will create a webinar and you will also generate leads magically! Below, we explain how you can achieve that in a few simple and easy-to-implement steps.

1. Create a buyer persona for your company.

You need to find which is your target audience for your webinars. A buyer persona is simply a profile that represents your ideal buyers that contains characteristics such as demographics (age, gender, income, location). By creating this profile for each of your visitors, you will not only be able to attract people who want to watch your webinar, but also people who are qualified and will buy your product or service.

Building your buyer persona profiles will help you in determining a number of factors, such as which people to invite to watch your webinar (namely which will be your webinar attendees), who your guest speakers will be and what your webinar content will be.

2. Your prospects need to relate to the content of your webinars.

You will first need to determine where in the sales funnel your audience lies. Even if it sounds very straightforward, it is super-important in order for you to convert more leads from your webinar. You will also need to consider the fact that if a person attends your webinar, this person will not necessarily turn into a customer.

This is why you need to think of the content of your webinar; it needs to be applicable to those who are qualified to buy from you. Another important factor in which you need to pay attention is your buyer persona’s pain points. You can use them in order to provide solutions to your prospects’ problems.

It is very important to think of your content before creating your webinar. Your end goal is to convert them into buying from you, and for this reason it is important to know the subject of your webinar as well as the pain points that you will be solving through it but also develop customer relationships.

Next, you will need to explore the possible formats your webinar can take in order for it to be appealing to your ideal customer. Three examples of webinar formats that will eventually prove to be effective are the following:

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Educational webinars:

The aim of such a type of webinar is to try to solve your prospects’ problems.

Case studies:

A webinar case study is very important since it provides social proof for your product and you will be more likely to build a good reputation over your audience.

Product demos:

Prospects who are at a later stage of the buyer’s journey will need to know more information about your product, and this is what product demos are for.

3. Promote your webinar.

If you apply the techniques mentioned above, you will result in a very targeted webinar. However, in order for you to reach your ideal customers, you need to promote it through email marketing, paid advertising and social media.

4. Develop a lead scoring model for the leads you will acquire through your webinar.

This will be very helpful for your sales team in order to be ready to follow-up with your prospective customers and close deals more easily. It can be applied through a marketing automation platform.

5. Use the lead-nurturing technique.

It is crucial to be able to engage and at the same time nurture leads that are not qualified. For example, some people might register to your webinar but end up not watching it. Also, some other people who will indeed watch it might not be ready to buy. For this reason, the promotion after the webinar finishes is an important step you need to take.

Webinars have proved to be a good tactic in order to generate sales. However, they need to be created in a strategic way. If you want to improve the quality of your webinar leads, then why not try the tips we are suggesting in this blog post?

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