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Lead generation is a very important part of any business and so is customer retention. It has been proven over time that repeat customers are easier to convert and that's because they already know your products, so you don't need to spend extra in convincing them. Content is the main thing that drives traffic to your website and it will also help you with customer retention. Through the quality of content that you post and how engaging it is, you can convert the readers into actual customers and also make them come back for more. 

To engage customers through effective messaging, you have to do the following:

Make use of the Subject line

Make maximum use of the first opportunity you have to hook a customer with your marketing messages. When a new email message comes in, it takes all of 3 seconds or less for anyone to decide if the message is worth reading or not. The subject line of your message must tell the customer everything he or she needs to know to decide if the message is worth opening. As a person, once I get an email with no definite subject, I do not bother to open it and I end up to just delete it. This may happen to you too if you do not make use of the subject line in your emails as most customers will consider the email irrelevant to their needs. In order to engage your customers, be sure to include what the email is about in the subject line since with that, the receiver will know what to expect.

Personalize content and offers

If you start with a lot of new subscribers and along the line, the count falls significantly, that means both your email content and offers are not meeting their needs. Personalization is an important means of retaining your customers or subscribers and constantly engaged with your emails. When customers receive personalized emails, this shows that they matter to you and that you have thought hard about their preferences, needs and interests. Such emails tend to get more opens than unspecific marketing emails. You can personalise emails in different ways; using their names in the subject line and content of the email, sending them emails targeted at their preferences or the type of services rendered to them prior and so on. All this doesn't have to be a stressful task as there are several ways to automate your email marketing campaigns, so choose one, set up your personalized email campaign and watch your customers come back for more of your products and services. 

Add calls to action in your emails

A good sales copy is no good without a specific call to action. The calls to action added in your emails are a marketing strategy and gateway to engaging with your customers, thereby increasing your sales. While telling them about your new offers, products and services, make the call to action specific and obvious enough so that they can see it at a glance. 

You can also add call to action banners to your welcome emails, confirmation emails and proof of transaction emails so that even when you're not trying to sell to your customers, you can still tell them about your products and offers. 

So the next time you will be sending emails to your customers, add a call to action that can easily be spotted and will motivate them to click.

Automate your emails

Email automation is an effective tool to manage email communications between the provider and buyer of goods and services. This is a marketing automation strategy that helps to create more personalised and relevant email campaigns. Having good content, personalisation is just an example of automating your emails in order to increase engagement.

Be consistent

Consistency is the bedrock of any successful business so while sending emails to your customers, be sure to be consistent. It shouldn't be based on the size of your team; consistency should be visible in terms of your content, design and how frequently you send the emails. You should not market your services by sending emails once every 2 months. Not sending emails frequently does now show seriousness on your company’s part as you are not the only one doing such business. For this, you have to choose a day and time when you'll send emails to all your customers and stick with it.

Have a mobile-friendly email

Nowadays, people no longer sit across their computers in a bid to access their emails. This is because mobile devices now have higher access to emails as opposed to PCs. Hence, if you are looking to engage your customers with email marketing, make your email messages accessible across all devices including mobile phones.

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