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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the term used to describe the process of optimizing marketing campaigns so that they are fully automated, streamlined and optimized to run without manual input after they are set up. Marketing automation relies on the use of software and tools to automate the completion of repetitive marketing tasks, making it more acceptable than other traditional forms of marketing. In traditional forms of marketing, the focus is on bulk emails which may sometimes be unsolicited or considered irrelevant by recipients and therefore end up being marked as spam messages. Traditional marketing can also be tedious and labor-intensive despite the lingering uncertainty of lead generation. However, with the advent of marketing automation technology, repetitive and tedious marketing activities such as email marketing, ad campaigns, and even social media posting can be set up once and left to run on a fully automated process. What’s more, automated marketing campaigns can get really targeted so that each customer has a unique and personalized experience; leading to more leads and sales.

How Does Marketing Automation Benefit Car Dealerships?

Car dealerships, like other businesses run with the intent to generate sales. If that’s not the reason why you’re into the business, then it’s a good thing you’re reading this post as I’ll be glad to show you some benefits your car dealership can derive from marketing automation. The following are ways you can benefit from marketing automation for car dealerships:

  • Marketing automation reduces the workload on your marketing team so they can focus on other more important tasks.With proper car dealership marketing automation, your marketing team will be relieved from performing repetitive tasks that take up valuable time using a marketing automation platform. With automated marketing campaigns, there will be more time which can then be used to complete other tasks.
  • Generate more leads with marketing automation tools such as automated email campaigns. With the opportunity to run more personalized marketing campaigns, you can get the attention of more potential customers to nurture leads, create great customer experiences and thereby generate more car sales leads.

These are just some of the benefits your car dealership can get with marketing automation. So, the next and most important question is:

How Can Your Car Dealership Take Advantage of Marketing Automation

How Can Your Car Dealership Take Advantage of Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation involves a strategy as well except for software and tools. Below are 6 useful tips on how to set up and deploy an effective marketing automation campaign.

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1. Automate Your Car Dealership Sales Funnel

If you’re reading this post, it means you must have done some marketing in the past; even if that’s not true, you’ll surely be aware of the different types of marketing. To run a successful automated marketing campaign, you must first develop a strategy for each type. You can generate leads from a lot of platforms; social media, search engine redirects, emails and so on; but without a proper marketing strategy planned out for each platform, further marketing campaigns may be a waste of time.

2. Automate Welcome Emails

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of a welcome email. It’s a great way to make a good first impression and it could set the tone of your future conversations with your potential customers. A quick welcome email acknowledging newsletter subscriptions, ending with a little bit of relevant information can do a lot for your car dealership.

3. Engage Your Car Buyers with Dynamic Content

When you create content around the topics of interest of your customers, you stand a better chance of generating more car sales leads. Relevant content builds your brand and exposes your car dealership to a larger and friendlier audience.

4. Automate Follow-Up Emails with Personalized Car Dealership Offers

Yes, you can fully automate follow-up emails to keep your subscribers informed about personalized car deals, promos and so on. This sort of communication technique generates interest in the recipients and can help you generate more car sales leads.

5. Automate Anniversary Surprises

Almost every company does that for its customers; sending birthday and anniversary messages. Birthdays and anniversaries are personal milestones that even partners can forget about each other. That’s why sending such emails to customers is a good way to increase the reputation of your dealership.

6. Automate Ads and Personalized Product Suggestions

When ads are automated, it relies on advanced data analytics to make suggestions to potential buyers. These data may include tracked activities on your website or details provided on social media platforms. With automated ads, the most relevant suggestions based on data analytics are displayed to prospects with a high possibility of conversions.

With these simple tips, you can get your car dealership marketing automated and engage your car buyers to generate more leads. As a result, your car dealers will find it easier to create valuable customer relationships and thereby generate sales.

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