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Creating a business plan isn’t as difficult as many would like to believe. The process of creating a marketing strategy for success is far more straightforward than most envision it to be. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have a clear understanding of what it takes to create a business plan and how to put it into action. It only takes a few things to get you started on the path of success, but you’d be amazed to know how few people get it right.

Learn who your ideal customer is

The other way to say this is to do market research. You need to figure out who your ideal customer is. Who is most likely to buy your product or service? How old are they? How much money do they make? You have to know who you’re targeting to be able to sell to them. It’s a huge mistake for any business to think that they can cast a wide net and have results. You must target your advertising as specifically as possible, or you won’t get the return on your investment required for growth. The prospecting strategy works best when you are fully aware of who your target customer is.

After defining who your ideal customer is, then you need to perform some research. You need to find out what is the market size, and what tools or platforms they use. If you find the answers to those questions, then you will be able to determine which sales channels will be the most effective for you to reach them.

Determine your goals

Your goals are important to be determined from the beginning of the creation of your sales plan. Goals vary across businesses and can play an important role to the form that your sales plan will take and also its content.

 For example, you may have a plan focused on customer acquisition or a plan that will test acquisition across different channels; these two are very different from each other.

Discover the most cost-effective ways to reach your customers

 Now that you know who your ideal customer is, you must find a way to reach them. Some of you will automatically gravitate towards Facebook ads, and it might be a wise decision for many. However, you’ve always got to be on the lookout for other ways to get your business in front of potential customers. Don’t shy away from contacting website owners directly and seeing if you can work out an advertising deal. You might also look into Bing ads, Google Ads, and maybe even places like YouTube. Identify all the advertising platforms that you can promote your business and then whittle them down to those that perform best for you.

Tweak your ads until they convert like crazy

 To tweak your ads, you will need plenty of data. That means you’ve got to not only buy things such as heat maps, but you’ve also got to learn how to use them. Beyond that, you need to know how people are reacting to your advertising. For that to happen, you’ve got to study the behavior of people from the moment they land on your site. There is no such thing as too much information, and you need all of it you can get to raise your conversion rates as high as they can go.

Scale-up once you’ve found a successful ad

The fear of taking too much risk is real, and for some businesses, it hinders their success. After you tweak your ad to the point that you’re happy with the conversion ratio, then it’s time to scale up your advertising. Pour as much money into your advertising campaign as you can afford. If you’re worried about your conversions suddenly dropping, keep an eye on everything. Watch on an hourly basis how much you’re spending on ads and your conversion ratios. If things start to go south, you’ll be able to turn off the spigot and stop the bleeding.

Rinse and repeat

The steps to creating a sales plan are so easy. After you’ve done it once, you can do it again and again. The power of a business plan is that you can scale it up in an instant. You can also switch gears and start a new project. Never allow yourself to become stagnant; make sure that you’re pressing yourself and your business as hard as you can. The profit is out there; it’s only a matter of putting forth the effort and following your action plan.

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