The 11-point checklist for your website to gain more conversions and customers

Businesses can take advantage of the fact that the percentage of people who buy online is continuously growing, in order to increase their conversions and customers.

June 11 2019

The percentage of people who buy online is continuously growing. As a business, you can benefit in many ways in order to grow your conversions as much as you can. In order for your campaigns to be very specific and targeted to drive results, we have created the following checklist for you to follow:

Send targeted and personalized emails

Create entertaining and motivating content for your visitors, so that they find value in what you offer. This content could be how-to guides and gift guides for any holiday season approaching. Make sure you schedule these activities on time so that you will be prepared when the time comes.

Simplify your forms and check-out process

Try to minimize the steps it takes for a customer to fill in a form or complete a purchase, making it as simple as you can. In this way, you can identify the drop-off points so that you can make sure that you achieve a high percentage of users completing their purchases.

Use A/B testing for your subject lines

People won’t open each and every email that reaches their inbox. For this reason, you need to create an attention-grabbing headline to ensure that your email won’t result in the trash folder. Since most of the businesses use to send a big number of emails, try to make a difference with your subject line. A final tip is to A/B test the headlines, to see which one will have the biggest open rate.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Be prepared that many users will browse your website through their mobile phones. Everything should be mobile-friendly, from your website to your landing pages. It is important that you check each and every page on your website; even the newly added ones to be sure that they are all responsive.

Create compelling CTA’s

The result you want to achieve here is obvious; turn visitors into customers. There are a lot of tips in order to create a compelling CTA, and one of them is to make it stand out by choosing the right colors. Another important tip is to make it action-oriented so that your visitors will clearly understand what you want them to do. A final tip is that your CTA and your landing page must match. This will result in increasing your conversion rates.

Segment your visitors

Segmentation can be proved very useful for you, in order to target the right people and send them the right messages. You can, for example, inform them about any related products based on their interests or previous browsing behavior, or send special offers to your best customers. Alternatively, create a campaign for your subscribers to let them know about your new products.

Use Automation for superb results

Automate repetitive tasks to increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts. For example, you can automatically remind your visitors for their abandoned carts and recommend products based on their buying behavior. This will create a personalized feeling, thus your customers will find value in your product.

Reviews and testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials could showcase your product in an effective way. People tend to read reviews as part of their research before buying any product. Your competitors will be a step behind if you have reviews and they don’t, so this gives you an important advantage over them.

Re-target repeated visitors

Remarketing can be proved very effective for you to target the users that have shown an interest in your products or services but might not have subscribed to your mailing list yet. Thus, this is a great way to remind them of your special offers and deals.

Research your competitors

One of the best tips we can give you is to go through your main competitors’ websites and find out all about them and their plans. Another thing you can do is to subscribe to their newsletters so that you will be kept updated of their activity and offers. Of course be careful not to copy them, but make the most out of what you will discover, in order to get as creative as you can for your campaigns.

Send cart abandonment emails

Cart abandonment emails can be very effective and can have very high conversion rates, therefore we suggest that you incorporate them into your strategy. For example, if a user has left his cart without completing his purchase, a targeted email reminding him of his last-viewed products will make him click on the link and eventually buy from your website.

Need help with your strategy for your e-shop?

If you apply the tactics mentioned above, you will be ready for the biggest upcoming retail weekends. A good tip is to choose which of the checklist points above best suit your store, so that you can follow the most specific and related advice.



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    Elena Papaxenophontos

    Elena is a Marketing Executive at Hey Oliver. Elena oversees and develops marketing campaigns, communicates with target audiences to develop customer relationships, and produces creative content including blog posts.

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