photo of How does the marketing industry of today differ from the one in the late 90s - early 2000s?

The presence of the marketing industry has been so relevant in the current era that many of us have found ourselves with the need to make a brief review of its influence both in previous times and especially today, where technological advances play an indispensable role in achieving successful and practically assured growth.
Obviously, the concept of the evolution of the economic industry has been beneficial, however, it is important to be able to emphasize and/or know the influence that it has generated. Through the years, its great evolution has been noticed and how its use has been satisfactory in many areas.

What is the marketing industry all about?

First of all, it is necessary to make a brief appreciation of what we call the marketing industry, being this a set of activities that are directed to the execution of certain processes that have the purpose of knowing or identifying those needs and interests of the clients and then being able to achieve a better link.
Of course, one of the objectives of marketing is to try to satisfy as best as possible the needs of all types of customers and thus the promotion of products and/or services in exchange for some benefit to the company, however, also goes beyond the achievement of sales.
Having said this, we can visualize with exhaustiveness what could be classified as a structure of the marketing industry, emphasizing the social and administrative process, since of course, the work of people must intervene, helping the mentioned action of promoting products, production capacity, goals, competition, among others.
It has undoubtedly become an indispensable instrument in business activities, people who directly or indirectly have to develop or are part of a commercial area, so a little more knowledge about what marketing is will be beneficial for their growth.

Briefness of marketing implemented at the end of the 90s

At this time, we could also appreciate the realization of numerous strategies focused on the area of marketing that, mainly, were developed by the snack and soft drink industries with the similar purpose of now, to make their products known and leaving recognition through creativity.
It can be said that the marketing of the ‘90s was a little more complete, since the competition of the companies was in full swing and the terms related to marketing were still being discovered, the economy, the offer, among other concepts that were later appreciated with a broader panorama.
The decade of the ‘90s actually marked a key stage in terms of the market and consumers, since it not only refers to the segmentation given to the company but also the generation of the same, the reputation and sustaining its participation. It is even important to point out the advance of digital platforms due to the development of hardware.
In addition, this so-called "communication culture" is beginning to be generated through digital media. With this, the evolution of advertising, creative strategies, campaigns, the definition of mobile or traditional profiles, positioning by keywords, among other significant factors, can be clearly appreciated.

Man giving a marketing presentation

Briefness of the marketing implemented at the beginning of the year 2000

However, we are entering a stage where digital marketing is undoubtedly a concept that stands out. Due to its evolution, in the ‘90s a more directed centralization of the planning and execution processes of diverse strategies with the purpose of exchange can be appreciated.
Nevertheless, leaving the step to the decade of the 2000s, here the processes of management could be glimpsed as for the relations of the clients so that in a strategic way it is known how it is possible to contribute a representative value to the consumers or in general, where also the concern of the direct communication was noticed.
You could say that the personalized marketing industry was relevant. In short, these activities are related to that way of conceiving and being able to establish a successful relationship of exchange plus the appearance with more turmoil, since the use of digital platforms was ascending.
The online market from these years begins to implement as a phase where you can get to grow more solidly, for this it is necessary to know in depth the many tools that has managed to offer the Web 2.0 model. That is why technology commerce became one of the first techniques.

Briefness of the marketing implemented at present

It is evident that nowadays we can already appreciate more accurately the terms in relation to the marketing industry, especially, emphasizing again, in the digital marketing where nowadays it is still an example of movement, evolution, creativity and of course, business support.
The use of digital devices and media or publication channels is the best strategy, using not only direct messaging but also social networks, YouTube, blog creation and design, among other instruments that have become indispensable in the commercial area.
In these situations, companies have already begun to discover the great importance of opting for marketing techniques, not only for profits but also for international competition and the emergence of new markets that surprise with the emergence of new ideas, forcing old businesses to innovate.
The digital era can already be called one of the most powerful weapons for market positioning, so it is not surprising that we appreciate tracking its progress and creating a web design that suits us.
The marketing industry has undergone countless changes that we can now realize more than before that it has been able to cope with and above all take advantage of the increase in strategies that in this day and age are indispensable.

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