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The hotel industry is a very competitive one. To get the edge over your competitors, you should consider upgrading your website with a live chat software to improve the quality of your services and increase online bookings.

These are the main ways by which hotel websites can benefit from live chat software as part of hospitality marketing automation:

  • Prompt Response to Queries

The purpose of setting up a website for your hotel is to showcase information about your hotel and its services which will be available for your hotel guests. Customers can learn more about your facilities, the hotel location and other important information on your website. It should be noted however that most customers prefer to communicate directly and personally with you or your staff as they usually need clarification on some matters.

People who make direct bookings using comparison or travel sites have no way of clarifying doubts or making inquiries about the hotel facilities and services.

These queries are usually clarified when the customers call or walk into the hotel. You can build your guest experience by allowing them to make these queries and get responses with the help of live chat hotel booking. With a live chat software, you are already providing hospitality for guests and potential customers.

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  • Promote your services and drive direct bookings

A chat application for hotels isn't simply a tool to use for communication alone. The applications of live chat for hotels are vast. Once you have the software installed on your website, you can utilize it together with other hotel marketing automation tools (for example email campaigns) to promote your services and maximize profit. Every interaction and engagement with your potential guests will be detailed and highlighted. This makes the live chat software a demographic tool that can be used to target a specific customer group with irresistible offers and have a great customer service.

You can use the tool to create awareness and keep your customers informed for your booking process even when they are using their mobile devices. Promotions and discounts can be easily passed across to your customers. This ensures that your customers are always in the loop about your services.

Benefit from live chat software using hospitality marketing automation

  • Gauge Customers’ Interaction

Once your customers are on your page, you can monitor and view the pages they are visiting. You can see the details that appeal to customers on your website. Also, this can help you improve parts of your hotel website that customers rarely spend their time on.

This type of information helps you have a deeper understanding of your brand. You get to know what services your guests want and what they enjoy about your hotel. You can use this to improve the hotel facilities and amenities and be informed about what they are interested in when replying to their chat messages.

  • Prevent Customer Drop-offs

Most businesses find it difficult to understand why their customers are dropping off. This is where the live chat software comes in. With live chat for hotels, you can leverage on sales funnel to increase direct bookings. The sales funnel is a conceptual funnel that subtly directs the website visitor towards a particular goal. The goal here is direct booking. The sales funnel employs various tactics towards the success of this goal for easier hotel management and better hotel marketing.

  • Online Concierge Services

With a real-time chat for hotels software that is part of marketing automation, you can tweak your website to provide services and support for your guests to make them return. If this happens they will also probably leave positive guest reviews the next time they visit you. A modern hotel website can't just be used for booking and bringing in new guests alone. This is why a live chat software is of great benefits to your hotel website.

The live chat option should be leveraged upon to relieve the pressure on your hotel staff during the peak season. This is viable as the live chat software, as part of hotel marketing automation, can provide concierge services to your guests. This means that your guests do not need to call the hotel reception for their every need. There are many solutions you can use such as a free live chat; many companies offer free trials as well.

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