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Having a large customer base is the goal of every business. And as 2020 is fast approaching, I am sure you are mostly focused on how you can acquire more customers. Customer acquisition is easier said than done in that you have to put in all your effort to not lose customers but rather, gain more customers in the new year.

Below are a few ways through which you can acquire more customers for your business in 2020.

Have a social media account

Nowadays, almost everyone has a social media account. Millions of people log in to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts daily to connect and network with family and friends. This generates a truckload of traffic that can be harnessed positively by any business. Making use of social media accounts is the first thing you have to do if you want to gain more customers. As much as these social media accounts can help increase the exposure of your company, they are easy to create and free to use. That means you won't incur any extra expenses in running your social media accounts. It's even more convenient because you can easily automate your activities so that you can connect with potential customers. Since almost everybody and every business is now on social media, if your business does not have a social media presence, prospective clients would definitely be turned off.

Keep your website alive

The first official point of contact between your business and a potential customer is your website. Your business's website is supposed to be a window through which anyone can look into your company and see what you offer, therefore having a fully functional website that has regularly updated content is a sure-fire way to acquire more customers in 2020. You should ensure that your website is updated with new content so as to keep existing and prospective customers engaged. We all know that an active website helps to keep people engaged with your business and the services you have to offer.

Make use of testimonials

Reviews, real reviews, help a lot in getting new customers to choose to buy your products. As a person, the choice to buy a new product rests solely on what previous buyers of the product had to say about it. The more reviews your business gets, the easier it becomes for new customers to buy your products. Personally, in choosing a new product, I look out for reviews or testimonials from existing customers and If I can't find any, then I won't buy the product. So, in order to acquire more customers, you have to put testimonials from your existing customers out there for new ones to see. When you provide your client with a good and quality service, do not hesitate to ask them for reviews which will in turn make prospective customers trust your business.

Work on expanding your network

You have an existing customer base, yes. In order to acquire more customers, you have to grow and expand your network. How can you achieve this?

Join beneficial organizations, attend networking events, form partnerships and relate with like-minded individuals can help your business acquire more customers.

Get referrals from existing customers

This is somewhat related to number 3 (mentioned above). Getting referrals from people that have positive experiences from the quality services you provide is a sure-fire marketing strategy and a good way to get more customers.

Feel free to talk to your customers, ask if they know anyone for which your services might be beneficial to and tell them to refer you. People are most likely to be convinced once they get referred by someone they know or trust. Also, you can even opt for paying customers to refer people to you (those that need your services). 

Offer value-added services

For your business to acquire more customers in 2020, you should consider offering some value-added services to motivate potential buyers to engage with your business. Things like money-back guarantees, product warranties, after-sales support often assure customers that they can trust your business.

Be mindful of your competition

There is no successful business without competition and this is why you have to keep in mind that you are not the only one doing such business. This knowledge, however, will help you in acquiring new customers. For instance, if a competitor introduced a plan which is not so acceptable by his clients, you can implement a much better plan to get more customers.

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