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Marketing automation can be proved very useful for companies if used correctly and if the correct decisions are being made. In such a case you can achieve outstanding results such as higher ROI and conversions. Marketing automation can dramatically increase productivity, and I think that everyone would want that.

If you are thinking of implementing marketing automation in your company, there are some factors that you need to consider in order to make it work for you, but you will need qualified candidates. The main point here is that even if everything will be automated, there are some things for which your opinion and a team of well-trained employees will be necessary.

At the time when you will need to make any amendments to your strategy, comes the need to hire the right people to do a specific job. This will be a big investment for you and your company. Therefore, your human resource manager needs to create a clear job description and interviewing process to hire the right team members.

If you think that this process will be hard, I can assure you that there are many ways to make it simple. Moreover, there are possibilities that many of these roles already exist in your organization. Tip: Get your team to start thinking about how their skills and expertise can be applied to marketing automation.

In the next few paragraphs, I will describe which job roles are the most necessary to build a marketing automation team.

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1. A demand generation manager

It’s very important for your business to generate leads which move through the sales funnel. Of course, marketing automation has dedicated programs to help you create and run campaigns with ease. However, a person to manage your marketing automation activities such as the creation of webinars is very important to nurture leads and ultimately make them convert.

2. A competent content creator

Content marketing is an important aspect that will lead to more conversions for your website. B2B buyers always browse through content before making any decision. Therefore, make sure that you find a person to create engaging content to attract your audience the right way. An advantage of marketing automation is that there is a focus on content too, which results in greater ROI.

This person will be responsible for creating, curating and editing content for your website, social media, email campaigns and so on. They should be able to form the content strategy too, as part of your marketing campaigns. Content can take many forms such as infographics, webinars, ebooks etc. The content specialist should of course collaborate with the demand generation manager in order to produce the best possible results.

3. A sales team

What is your main aim as a marketer? To acquire leads that will eventually convert into customers. A good alignment between your sales and marketing teams will result in achieving higher sales. Thus, your salespeople will also play a crucial role in your marketing automation team.

4. A person to do analytics

What couldn’t be missing from your team is a person to measure the progress of your campaigns. This person will be responsible for tracking the performance of your campaigns and ads but most importantly for making recommendations based on the results.

I hope that the tips mentioned in this blog post will be useful for you in order to create a strong marketing automation team, that will guide your business towards success! The hiring manager will decide on the correct recruitment process so as to make a good job offer to the ideal candidates. These are the initial roles that you will need, but you will be the one to decide whether in the future you will need to hire more people and assign more roles to them.

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