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Contrary to the opinion of many people, creating a highly converting landing page is quite easy once you follow a certain strategy. While there's no standard for creating a highly converting landing page, the demystification of the entire process is what this article is about. 

To start with, to create an effective landing page, you must go beyond simply designing a page that looks good and establish credibility with your target customers. As the goal of a good landing page is to increase your conversion rate, it matters that your landing page should be customized towards meeting your marketing growth. 

A good landing page should be found organically using high-ranking search results and keywords. This is unlike homepages, that are found through social media or passed around in conversations. However, this doesn't mean that your homepage can't be your landing page. If you optimize your homepage to increase conversions, it might as well serve the purpose of the landing page. 

So, how do you create a highly converting landing page?

The first thing to consider is what the goal of your landing page is. Once you have your goals in mind, you can start considering what your message will be. How do you propose to solve your audience’s problems? How is your content going to impact your target customers and create solutions for them? At this stage, you can engage in keyword research. Try to find out what terms your customers search for. How do people seek the solutions you are providing? You must bring the solutions closer to them to increase your conversions. 

Now, you can start compiling your landing page. It is time to start putting the essential elements of the landing page together to make it highly converting. 

What are the essential elements of a landing page?

  1. A Killer Headline

This is what speaks to the visitor. A strong headline compels a visitor to stay on your page and find out more about your product while a weak headline naturally makes visitors lose interest. Knowing the right headline to apply means having the total interest and attention of your visitors. It shows how much you understand them and their needs. If you're confused as to what your headline should be about, consider going through the following guides. 

Your headline should be short. It should fall between ten to twenty words. It must grab the reader's attention and inform them about your product. 

  1. Influencing Subheads

After your headline, you need to create sub-headlines that keep your visitor on your page. An influencing sub-headline comes directly after the headline. It should naturally show some elements of persuasiveness. With this element, you can go into more detail about your offering. 

  1. Pictures

A landing page that lacks visual content is setting itself up for low conversion. As the human brain processes images thousands of times faster than it does text, it's ideal that you influence your visitors with images that speak of your products and offers. Use large, high-quality pictures that are relevant to your services or products. 

  1. A Great Explanation

This is where you finally can explain in detail what your product or service is all about. The explanation must be straightforward and concise. 

Your explanation must always appear to be benefit-oriented. It should be shown to be in favor of your readers. This should be obvious from glancing at the topic of the explanation. Your explanation can be seen as a continuation of your headline and the sub-headline. When these three elements are put together, they should paint a whole picture of your offer and your customer should at this stage, understand what your product or service is all about.

  1. Methods of Contact

This is one of the many ways you can establish credibility with your readers. With this element, you can prove that you are running a legitimate business. 

The best landing pages have multiple methods of contact embedded in the page. The most fundamental method of contact you can include is your company's physical address and phone numbers. You can include a contact form too. Also, live chat as a method of contact is not a bad idea but you don't need to include it on your landing page. 

  1. A Guarantee And Powerful CTA

Who doesn't love guarantees? It proves that your business is sure and proud of what you provide and doesn't expect any trouble from your services. Keep your guarantee close to your Call To Action. Your CTA might just be the most important element on your landing page. A great CTA helps convert visitors to customers. 

A highly converting landing page is where you turn your efforts into sales and revenue. You must try to make it work. 

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