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There are various factors that might affect the operations of a hotel. Adding a lack of revenue to that can create unintended consequences. This is why maximizing the revenue of your hotel by direct bookings is essential. Below are some revenue management strategies to increase hotel direct bookings using tools such as hospitality marketing automation.

  • Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Statistics show that over 60 percent of hotel guests make online bookings directly from their mobile device. So, if your hotel website isn't looking good on mobile devices, it might be hard for you to make money from direct booking. Another reason why it is important to have a mobile-friendly website for your hotel is that the majority of people who make bookings on their phones are frequent travelers. These are the people that are more likely to make more direct bookings.

  • Get listed on metasearch

A great way to increase direct bookings is by ensuring that your hotel has a standout profile on metasearch. However, this has to go hand in hand with you making your hotel's rate available. The OTA rates will also be provided. This is done with the help of a CPC campaign that ensures that your guests are redirected to your website where they directly book their rooms.

  • Exploit Guest Reviews and Drive Direct Bookings

Having an online presence that shows how your past guests trust your service is a very appealing method of attracting new guests. If your potential customers are hesitating and delaying their decision, seeing positive and glowing reviews about your hotel is sure to win them over to your side. Consumers tend to read a couple of reviews about a business before they trust it. Feature guest reviews online from your website visitors in a bid to increase your hotel direct bookings.

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  • Create a seamless booking process

You will lose your customers if your direct booking process is frustrating or tedious. A booking process should be simple and fast. If you don't have a formed booking strategy, potential customers who like what they see in your hotel (which can be factors such as room rates) will be discouraged by the process and will opt for other hotels. Avoid these dilemmas by using a booking engine that is fast and efficient.

Revenue management strategies to increase hotel direct bookings

  • Promote Your Hotel Uniqueness

There is that property that sets your hotel apart from the other hotels. Use that attribute to attract your customers. Stand out from the crowd by playing that ability as your strength. Showcase your hotel with stunning photography. Let potential guests be dazzled by the beauty of your hotel and its decor. Use social media to keep the public updated about information regarding your hotel.

  • Data-Rate Strategy

A major factor that influences the hotel direct booking is the price. Guests always look up prices of other hotels and make comparisons. Of all the tips to increase hotel direct booking, this is very important to know. Always know the rates offered by your competitors. You can use this to influence your own rates and attract more direct bookings. Also, knowing your rates across various booking sites is an important bit of information to have.

  • Reward Direct Bookings

Let your customers know that you offer them some benefits when they book directly, for example send them special offers using email marketing. Email campaigns with offers will encourage them to make direct bookings when next they are using your services. You can also reward loyalty by providing some perks for guests who refer friends and family to make direct bookings with your hotel.

Following these easy steps to increase direct bookings for the hospitality industry will help you distinguish yourself among your competitors and improve your business performance in the long run.

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