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Building a brand doesn't have to be expensive. Brand building is a task that many companies overlook because they see it as too tedious. If your business doesn't have a brand, then it won't stick out from the crowd. The only way you can separate yourself from the pack is by being different. Those people at the helm of a business who understand the importance of building an identifiable brand put their company on the path to lasting success. Without a brand, a company is nothing more than a nameless business that no one will remember.

The first essential step in brand building is to be consistent

Take a moment and think about all the brands that stick out in your mind. What is the one thing that they have in common? No matter what industry your favorite brands exist in, they are all consistent in delivering a product or service. Quality is vital if you want your brand to be seen in a good light by consumers continually. Always try your best to associate your brand with quality. It might be quality information, a product people can trust, or a service that is far beyond what others provide. The bottom line is that you must differentiate your brand from the rest by going above and beyond the consumer's expectations.

Develop the identity of your business

At first, you might think that your business's identity is the product or service that you provide. It isn't, and that's something you need to realize right from the beginning. You control your business's identity, and it's not as related to what you're selling as you may think. In some ways, you need to think of your identity as your gimmick. Maybe you're the plumbing company that sends neatly dressed plumbers to answer calls. Your identity must be simple, and it also must be something that resonates. The customer must see your identity as something that separates you from everyone else. It’s all about understanding the buyer personas and how you can successfully target them.

Create a logo that stands out from the pack

There are free logo creators online, but don't use them. Pay a few bucks to hire a professional to make a logo for you. You should be able to find someone online that will make a snappy custom logo for you for less than $20. The logo must be clean, precise, and to the point. Avoid using stock images that people might have seen before. Think about how you react when you see the Nike logo. It's simple, and you immediately associate the logo with the brand. That's what you need in a logo, and a professional graphic artist won't have any problems coming up with something for you.

Consider a co-branding webinar to help boost your brand

The idea of piggybacking off the success of another brand shouldn’t put you off. If the other company has a loyal customer base, then there’s no reason you can’t tap into them. You shouldn’t seek out your competitors to do this sort of thing, but a company near your niche is okay. A webinar is an inexpensive way to connect with potential customers while carefully controlling the narrative. Sometimes you’ve got to reach out to your possible customers so that you can develop a personal relationship with them. Anytime you gain more exposure to people is a good thing, and connecting with another brand’s audience can go a long way in helping you achieve your goal.

Your brand and reputation go together hand in hand

If your reputation is tarnished, so is your brand. You do want to keep an eye on your reputation online. Don't buy into the whole reputation management scheme because most of it is a rip-off. However, you should keep a close eye on what people are saying. You can do that by monitoring your social media presence and keeping an eye on what people are saying about you in forums. Above all else, it should never escape you that what people are saying about you matters. Defend yourself in public if necessary, and be humble and thankful when people praise you.

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