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Coronavirus has been the center of attention for the last 2 months or so, since it’s a global pandemic that has undoubtedly affected everyone’s lives. It has also affected the economy of many countries, and we’ve seen some big changes in the way that companies work, and especially those who are directly affected. Some examples of such companies are shops, airline companies, hotels and brick-and-mortar companies.

Most of the businesses have shifted to working from home. This can be tough for companies that are not familiar with technology. Those companies that turned to digitalization (which are mostly online businesses but not only), found it easier to make this transformation due to coronavirus and to save some of their revenues. Imagine a shop that doesn’t have an ecommerce website; they would definitely need to create one at this time.

Apart from the disadvantages that coronavirus has brought with it, we can always look at the bright side. And of course, there are some positive effects that all this chaos can bring. Let’s dig in to explore how, as an online business, you can benefit from these hard times using Hey Oliver.

Everything has been digitalized during the crisis that we’re going through. How can you benefit from this as an online business? But of course, by increasing the traction on your website. You can first take advantage of online marketing (such as Facebook, Instagram,Twitter or LinkedIn advertising) to bring traction to your website. After that, Hey Oliver can help you increase your lead generation and conversions within your website. 

Our marketing automation tool can help you predict your visitors' interests and interact with hot leads on the right channel, at the right time. You will also be able to motivate your leads to progress along the sales funnel and increase your revenue generation. Monitor your satisfied customers, ensure that they stay with you and gain a competitive advantage. And let’s not forget that with Hey Oliver you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing, identify your winning campaigns and optimize performance. But let’s get in a little bit deeper.

benefit from coronavirus

Hey Oliver, as a marketing automation tool, can analyse your website visitors and create a profile for each of them with information such as the country they are from, the browser they are using and more. With this information you will be able to segment your visitors and form groups which you will later be able to use to personalize your campaigns. And the best part? Hey Oliver offers 25+ segmentation criteria. This means that you can create ultra-specific groups.

The campaigns that you will create, will be displayed on your website, in the form of interactive pop-up windows that appear either on the bottom right corner, or in the middle of your screen. You can edit them to your liking, such as edit the texts the way you want them to appear and even add images or videos into the campaigns. That’s why we like to call them ‘interactive’ as well.

A specific example is the following: Let’s say that you own an e-shop. You can create a marketing campaign that will be running on your website, on a specific page such as the checkout page to remind your customers of your latest offer. Also, you can suggest relevant products to them via campaigns. The result? The customers will be left satisfied and will eventually be led to buying from your website. Marketing automation can be very powerful for such instances.

Another way to increase engagement with your audience, is via Hey Oliver’s live-chat. You can interact with your online visitors, by offering them help and answering any questions they may have, instantly! They may need help choosing a product for example, or might have questions about the steps they need to follow until purchase. You can even personalize your conversations based on your visitors’ browsing history. Wondering how? Hey Oliver’s 360 degree visitor tracking enables you to see a full profile of each of your website visitors, with details such as the referrer, the number of pageviews but also their browsing history.

Hey Oliver currently serves more than 2,000 clients from more than 100 countries. Our tool analyzes millions of actions and behaviours every day, and it then targets hundreds of thousands of visitors. In this way, it is helping companies meet their goals during these hard times that we’re going through with coronavirus.

If you want to find out more about why you should choose Hey Oliver over other tools, then you should read this. Still thinking about it? Talk with our experts directly, and have all your questions answered at any given time! 

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