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Many people often ask why they are having difficulty in driving more sales despite having followed lead generation best practices. So, you have your content, website and landing pages all optimized but you are wondering why sales aren't coming in as they should. The simple answer to your dilemma is that the people visiting your website are just not ready to buy yet, hence the need for lead nurturing!

While these people might not buy now, they can be influenced to make the purchase later. This is where lead nurturing campaigns are useful. The success of a marketing campaign is dependent on the trust between you and your customers. Lead nurturing builds this trust over time. A blog post isn't always sufficient to convince a lead to buy your products. This is why it is in your best interest to establish the credibility of your company.

Over time, there have been various methods of nurturing leads. These methods evolve with the needs of the market and time. Most methods that were highly effective a decade ago most likely won't work effectively today. Staying up to date on the most effective lead nurturing strategies is not only important but also essential for the growth of any business. This is why we are sharing some of the most effective strategies below.

You can improve your lead nurturing campaign with the following six strategies:

Email Nurturing

It is a fact that email is one of the most effective ways to nurture leads with. This is because email marketing tools don't cost nearly as much as advertising. With email, your marketing campaigns can be fully automated. 

When it comes to nurturing leads through email, it is recommended that you send one email per week. Sending many emails per week isn't ideal and may result in the loss of a lead. Also, ensure that the email has relevant content which will possibly catch the leads’ attention. You can also set up your nurturing strategy to combine both email and video marketing.


A retargeting campaign must be properly set up. Often regarded as one of the best ways to nurture leads, retargeting combined with email marketing across multiple platforms can be very effective when it comes to a marketing campaign. With retargeting, you mustn't bore your leads by repeating information they are already exposed to.

Another important function of retargeting would be to convince your leads of a second chance with you if they weren't impressed by your initial demo. 


Generic, template responses are a trap many people fall into when it comes to lead nurturing. To successfully nurture leads, you have to pay attention to the needs of your customers. Your lead interaction has to be personalized.

Leads that feel you have a personal relationship with them are those that are being perfectly nurtured. Establishing a personal rapport with your leads is an effective way of building a positive relationship with them. This, in turn, could drive your sales. Using dynamic content to personalize your interaction with your leads is effective and allows you to display unique content based on the recipient. 

Content Marketing

Content is King! 

Being one of the ultimate ways to nurture leads in recent times, content marketing focuses on the creation of valuable content and its promotion through the right channels. The right application of content marketing makes this strategy a lead magnet that drives sales.

It is widely known that one of the best ways to nurture and establish trust with leads is by sending useful and relevant content to them. This genuine act shows leads that you know your stuff without having to unnecessarily brag or boast about your services. 

One-on-One Interactions

Nurturing your leads with this strategy can be an important part of your nurturing automation process. 

Including one-on-one interactions as part of your lead nurturing strategy should not be outside of the funnel. It should be a part of it. You can schedule a physical meeting with your leads so that you can discuss with them in person as opposed to email or social media. When it's impractical to meet in person, leverage on social media to cultivate the relationship. 


Surveys are an important part of lead nurturing as they are very effective, especially when combined with the user behaviour data on the website, for creating customized messages and grouping leads. Once you know which categories your leads fall into, you can then create the appropriate message for the group. This conveniently solves the problem of pitching your product too early to your buyers. 

To conclude, while there isn't a technique that works for all leads, above are six of the most effective lead nurturing strategies that you can use to improve your marketing campaigns. 

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