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What is Podcast Marketing?
Podcast Marketing is when you advertise your brand on an audio show on the internet. The audio delivers all knowledge about the product or service the company provides. The hosts also speak about their experience with it. This leaves the listeners to decide if they want to order it or not. These podcasts also give special discounts and temporary sales along with coupon codes. The audience remains captivated. At any time, it can attract the customer to buy its product.

How do you market a podcast?
Following are the steps you take to make a podcast;
1. Before uploading a podcast, make an email or outreach list,
2. Record three to five episodes,
3. Plan when to launch the podcast,
4. Generate pictures, audio or videos, and texts,
5. Launch the podcast,
6. Ask the people on the list you made in the beginning to view it,
7. Be persistent in making podcasts and don’t be lazy.

What does Podcast Marketing bring to the Business Market?
Product marketing brings innovation and change to mundane advertising. Business marketing had been going on through newspapers and boring texts. Through podcasts, there is more publicity. The content is more enticing and capturing. Brands have managed to make quite the success through podcasts. It tells the characteristics of the product. Also, it entails all its relevant information. It talks about the experiences of other people over the product one is looking at to purchase. Coupon codes force the customers not to quit the podcast without buying it.

How do I listen to podcasts?
Podcasts are accessible on the internet. You can listen to it on your android phone. Install the “Google podcasts” app from the play store.

The History of Podcasts
Podcasts date back to quite some time. Back in the 1980s, they were previously known as ‘audio blogging’. Albeit, it was 20 years after that they actually became a ‘thing’.
In 2000, there was an introduction of the iPod. This brought podcasts back in the game. In 2003, audio blogs could get downloaded in it. In 2005, Apple in its iTunes Music Library introduced podcasting. The most popular podcast publishers today are iHeartRadio and NPR. There are more than 22 million listeners on each station. In early 2020 $100 Million deal was signed with Spotify. This is the largest amount rewarded to a podcaster.

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Podcast Marketing in Today’s World
The new generation today prefers movies over books. Time is a valuable essence today and no one wants to waste it. So, if asked preference to read a text about product marketing or listen to a podcast, most would go for podcasts. Another advantage is that you can multitask while hearing the audio.
There is little to no competition in podcast marketing. So, it encourages both the buyer and the seller to speak in the podcast. Generate revenue by selling your product to many buyers. This produces even greater motivation to form new content.
People either love to talk, or they like to listen. Some sell by talking and others listen and buy. This enjoyment, either way, is the reason Podcast marketing keeps growing today.

How to promote Podcast Marketing?
The main way to promote Podcast Marketing is to do well on iTunes. iTunes is accountable for 70% of a podcast’s advertising. First, you should influence your audience. You should also sponsor your work on the internet in many ways. Uploaded the audio clips on Facebook or Twitter. You could also post teasers or advertising images and texts all over. Post the audios on SoundCloud, which has a lot of following of users. You could release a bunch of audios on the day of launching and capture the interest of the audience. Fourth, change the audio to video and upload it on YouTube. Give your podcasts to podcatchers and aggregators for further raises in views. Make a written or typewritten copy of the audio. Throwing a rating party for a week or two and then organize a giveaway can promote it too.

Downsides of Doing Podcasts Marketing
There are pros and cons to everything. Here are some disadvantages of Podcast Marketing. Podcast marketing utilizes expensive equipment. The cost is higher because of the bandwidth and overhead fees. You have to give much effort and extra hours to write, form, and advertise the content. You cannot connect with your target audience. By connecting to various people, you can find yourself in some legal issues. Search engines do not show podcasts, rather they show written blogs. Not knowing the customer would lead to certain difficulties. The orders received and payment could be illegal. Or, the customer could refuse it.

Should you try Podcast Marketing?
Trying something new is always a thing to appreciate. Podcast Marketing has many advantages. One should try podcast marketing because it helps reach new audiences. It connects you with a variety of guests with various wants and needs/.
It can be more than a business. It can expand be successful. Just as it reaches the peak of its legacy you will get a lot of revenue. Not even that but you can come to love it. It is something you enjoy. You can work and not feel like you are working. Getting paid for talking, who wouldn’t want that?
It is much easier than filming a video. Audio does not need to be aesthetic; you do not need to put much effort into how anything looks.
With Product Marketing, you can form an association with a recognizable podcast producer. Or you can be a guest in one. This could make you famous and do wonders for your bank account.

As a whole, podcasts have the potential to rule over the internet in the upcoming future. Right now, it is growing. Some might say its cons overweigh its pros. But looking at the future, an intellect might say otherwise. Yet, it also depends on the type of personality you have. You can either sell it or buy it but podcasts are the new blogs.

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