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In this article, we will initially explore and determine the reasons why finding where your target audience online plays a big role in your marketing strategy. An important thing you need to be looking for except for the web pages your prospects are visiting, is where they have found your website. Was it through Google, social media or through a third-party website?

For many marketers this is very straightforward, however let’s dive in to find out which are the benefits of defining your target audience.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a marketer, you will be interested in creating a buyer persona for each of your visitors. For example, where they pay attention, which web pages they favor, and many more such as demographic characteristics for each one of them.

If you are new in the field, then you will definitely be unaware of how to find where your audience pays attention. Let’s say that for example, you want to start your own company. The most possible scenario is that you won’t know where to find your target audience, where to market and which are the people that are going to buy from you.

You will not be aware of the profile of your potential customers. You won’t know what kind of blogs they usually read, what eBooks they usually download, who they follow on social media and which companies they perceive as experts in their field. You might not even know what kinds of events interest them. In order to finally manage to identify all the factors mentioned above and create a buyer persona for your prospects, you will most probably need some time (which is translated to days or sometimes weeks of work). For this reason, many entrepreneurs and marketers will choose to outsource to a digital marketing agency and they will consequently need to pay quite a lot of money for their job to be done correctly.

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However, there are more solutions to this problem mentioned above such as choosing to go with a marketing automation platform, such as Hey Oliver that will automate your marketing tasks using marketing campaigns. Software like this will offer you the opportunity to segment your visitors into groups of people and find out everything you need to know about them. You will be able to see details about them such as the country they are from, or their email if they have chosen to give this information. In case they haven’t done it yet, you will have the ability to send them campaigns in order to urge them to do it. The power of Hey Oliver lies in personalizing your campaigns using inbound marketing, automated emails and more so that all your messages are targeted and you achieve lead generation. In this way, your prospective customers will more easily convert which means that they will either fill in a form on your website giving their contact details or buy from you.

Finding your target audience online is very important and for this reason, here at Hey Oliver we invest a lot in offering you a vast array of tools in order to help you gain more customers.

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