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One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when marketing their products is to tell their customers the features of their products and why they need them. That method used to work in the 50s and 60s but no longer does it work in this day and age. The reason for that is simple, "customers don't want your products."

Let me explain that with a simple story. So, I was watching a movie the other day on my phone. I was using a free app so, when I paused the playback, an ad popped up. The ad was for a shoe, and it contained a picture of a nice-looking young man who looked trendy and fashionable in an effortless way. Until that moment, I didn't need that shoe or any shoe, but the image resonated with me. Long story short, I got the shoe, and the store made me buy it.

What am I driving at? The truth is that most people don't "need" what they buy. The relationship between 'needs' and 'wants' is a bit complicated and may make for another discussion on some other day. In other words, people buy products based on what they want, even if they don't "need" it. The secret to understanding what people want is to find out what they want to achieve or the problems they want to solve.

Problem solvers make money

Take my little story for example; I obviously had a fashion problem. I usually feel out-of-date when I talk about fashion, and it was getting worrisome. I don't have any problems getting dressed for work, but I struggle when I have to pick something comfortable to wear, especially shoes. I had a shoe problem, and that was why that ad resonated with me. It showed me a solution to my situation and made it easy for me to decide.

Do you get the picture I'm trying to paint now? If you want to know the best way to market your products to people, don't sell your products; sell them their desires.

Clients need a solution to their problem, not your products

So, now you see, customers don't want your products. They want a solution to their problems, and if your product can solve that problem, they will buy from you.

That is the difference between a successful brand and a struggling one. Let's say you have a product with wonderful features and all the benefits people need. You might be right to base your marketing strategy on how that product is the best thing since sliced bread and still end up with zero sales. This is because even though people need it, they don't have a use for it yet, or you didn't convince them that your product could help them precisely the way they wanted.

Man checking analytics results on computer.

Understand the problem they want to solve

How do you find the solution your clients want if you don't know what their problems are? The best way to create a foolproof sales strategy is to do extensive research and find out your clients' real issues. 

Conducting research doesn't have to be tiring or stressful either. The internet does know all things; you only need to know where to look. The first step to understanding the problems your consumers want to solve is to put yourself in their shoes. Think from their perspective and examine the real benefits your product will provide for them.

It would help if you also got closer to your product. Get beyond the features and consider why it was designed. If you can answer that question satisfactorily, you are a step closer to figuring out how to sell to your clients.

Sell them the outcome they want

Your customers won't buy your products because they need it, they will buy it because it helps them solve a problem. Think about the outcome they want. In my case, my outcome was to look trendy and get people to admire my appearance. You can call me anything you want but, if you understand the amount of stick I get for my poor fashion sense, you'd know that the outcome I wanted was modest at best. 

Let's assume you sell online courses. Why would anyone want to buy an online course? People purchase online lessons to learn how to be successful in their areas of interest. So instead of marketing your online courses as "an avenue to learn," it would resonate better as "an avenue to become successful." Get it? This aspect is where you need a good copywriter.

Personalize your message to your customers

Like the good slogan says, "customers are the soul of any business." No business can become successful without customers. That is why you must treat your consumers like kings and queens so that you won't lose them. You won't have to bow to them or cower before them, no, that's not what I mean. What I mean is, you should treat each customer like they are your only customer. The key to doing this is to personalize your messages and correspondence with them. Return customers can get you new customers if they are satisfied with your products.

Paint them a good picture

Don't only tell a story, show them as well. The key to selling is to paint a mental picture of them attaining their desired outcome once they get your product. You can use visual cues to do this; most brands do. Rather than using a bland image or art of your product in your ads, you can add more life to it by capturing the emotions of your product's user. This will tell a better story about the results of using your product rather than just the features.

In summary, do not make the mistake of trying to sell your products to your consumers. Instead, influence them with your message that you have the tools they can use to solve their problems.

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