photo of Why is hotel email marketing essential?

Before you can consider hotel email marketing, you have to closely examine the standard of hospitality you provide and how this affordable marketing channel can help increase your online bookings and expand your business.

Email marketing as part of hotel marketing automation is one way in which numerous business owners keep in touch with their customers; both new and returning. Also, this medium of communication is so effective for the hotel industry that you can turn anybody that comes across the email into your customers to increase hotel direct bookings.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a highly effective digital marketing means and part of hotel marketing strategies as well, which operates by creating email campaigns for customers and even potential customers. It is part of marketing automation and helps to turn potential guests into actual customers as well as one-off customers into returning customers for your hotel's website. As bad as unsolicited email spam gets on a daily basis, email is still the most effective way to get in touch with people that might be willing to patronize.

In the hospitality industry, it is important to be up to date as regards email marketing so as to be able to improve just because the world is evolving non-stop. Email Marketing (hotel email marketing inclusive) is, without doubt, the best way to gain customers and drive direct bookings.

Advance your hotel marketing with email campaigns

Some ways in which email marketing can improve your guest experience, as well as brand's growth, are the following:

  • It serves as a means of expanding your brand's online presence.

It is normal for your hotel to pay attention to social media marketing but without email marketing, your reach is limited and it is harder to increase direct bookings. With every email you send, there is an opportunity to advertise your other social media accounts thereby encouraging interaction on those accounts such as your Facebook page.

Asking guests to follow and like your page on Facebook and get a special offer in return is a way to market and grow your hotel's online recognition. With that, you have increased your customer base and in view of the offer promised, the guests will always look forward to enjoying their stay in your hotel since they had a great customer experience.

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  • Guest reviews

This is the mistake most brands make and it is not allowing guests to give reviews or feedback. Allowing feedback from your guests is a way to improve your hotel management and your booking process. It might be awkward to physically ask your guests for feedback or filling a survey while checking out and that is why you should offer your website visitors the option of doing it online.

You can introduce some after-stay emails to be sent to your customers after checking out. This will help you find out how they felt while staying at your hotel. You can also ask them to subscribe to your hotel email newsletters or some other hospitality email newsletters (which bears your company name). This will increase your open rates and click-through rates and will help them stay connected to you even after their stay.

  • You reach a selected audience

With email marketing campaigns, you have the chance to select a target audience which you want your emails to reach. It can be to couples, business travelers or even older guests with children. However, if you are going for this type of email marketing, you have to be as professional as possible. This is because emails being overly personalized can be a turnoff for your guests and that is not what you want.

Most importantly, when you are sending emails to your customers, try as to be concise yet detailed. Not many people spend much time reading an email. Therefore, creating a message directed to your guests has to be simple and straightforward in a way that they will get the point quickly. Use images and headlines while making your intentions known and as mentioned earlier, avoid unnecessary bulk because most of your guests won't bother to read them. Email marketing as part of hospitality marketing automation can greatly help your hotel if you apply the tips mentioned above.

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