Inktoner is an e-shop that provides high-quality products for printers and printing services such as inks, photocopying supplies, consumable lasers, ribbons, papers, etc. With many different varieties and brands to choose from, Inktoner is one of the biggest online stores in Greece, for that particular market.

What was the idea behind using Hey Oliver?

Like any other online store or e-commerce business, Inktoner understood that in order to be ahead of the competition they needed to create personalized experiences into their website. To accomplish this, Hey Oliver was set up in such a way to track and identify the buying behavior of each visitor, what makes them “tick” and how these data can be used to further develop our action plan - generating more customers. Our marketing automation software was implemented to handle leads coming into the website, identify them, categorize them into different segmentations and groups.

Problems they were facing / Challenges that needed to be solved:

  • • The need for an increased conversion rate
  • • Increase the lead generation
  • • Difficult to segment visitors for later use
  • • Personalized offers were hard to keep up

What were the benefits?

The quality of the leads was increased by a huge margin, and the transition into clients was simpler than ever. Automation services were also introduced for visitors that had abandoned the site with purchases still in their cart, and a creative series was designed for post-purchase to keep customers interested in future purchases. The different visitor groups made running campaigns a lot more resourceful, by now being able to run targeted campaigns for each group of visitors.

The company implemented solutions that automated and personalized communication, based on the customers’ behavior on the website and on their order history.

  • • Increased lead generation from the website
  • • Increased Click-Through Rate thanks to the personalized content of the messages
  • • Dynamic abandoned cart rescue emails. Sending emails to contacts who added products to the cart, but didn’t finalize the transaction
  • • Segmentation of visitors according to their browsing behavior, for easier personalized reach
  • • Web push implementation - possibility of reaching anonymous visitors with information about new offers and deals via web browser notification

An eCommerce Funnel Full of Conversion Strategy

The growth and end results

Inktoner saw big growth and improvement in the following areas:

  • • Increased loyalty and amount of next purchases with personalization and delivering information
  • • Dynamic abandoned cart rescue emails showed an increase in Open Rate, increase in CTR, increase in CTOR, increase in Conversion Rate
  • • A huge increase in traffic conversion
  • • Growth in number of contacts obtained from the website

Future plans

We have scheduled plans, that will take place sometime in the future for Inktoner:

  • • Use custom attributes to build more dynamic customer segments based on the amount of money spent by customers
  • • Constant optimization of implemented processes with A/B testing
  • • Introduce dynamic pop-ups with cross-selling offers displayed while the users are shopping to increase the shopping cart value
  • • Integration with Facebook Ads and Facebook Custom Audience integration to target customers via social media