Moondog’s Bar & Grill is a pub located in Nicosia, offering exceptional food such as burgers and a big variety of beers. Their aim is to offer a place for cool and relaxed people, who love sports and love sharing moments with friends.

What was the idea behind using Hey Oliver?

Moondog’s needed an automated marketing solution that would enable them to better target their customers based on each person’s interests. “Hey Oliver” would help in such a way that they would be able to create an e-mail database to target each and every customer in order to send them personalized messages and make them convert.

Challenges they were facing:

  • Low email subscribers
  • Need for automated email campaigns for mass-communication personalization
  • Building clients’ behavioral and transactional profiles wasn’t something they could do

What were the benefits?

By using the tools that Hey Oliver provides, the company managed to increase the number of their qualified leads. Leads are now automatically categorized into relevant groups for easier management and of course better targeting with announcements and offers.


  • Moondog’s saw a significant increase in email subscription with email visitors also returning twice as much as the site average.
  • Marketing automation helped Moondog’s to personalize their message across different audiences.
  • People were better profiled with personalized follow-up campaigns.

The growth and end results

Moondog’s saw big growth and improvement in the following areas:

  • Increased email subscription rates from the website
  • Increase in efficiency of segmenting visitors
  • Growth in the number of contacts obtained from the website
  • Increase in returning visitors

Future plans

We have scheduled plans, that will take place in the next two months for Moondog’s:

  • A/B testing for dynamic emails mechanisms and creations to improve conversion rates
  • Using custom attributes to build more dynamic customer segments based on the time of the last purchase information, purchase frequency and the amount of money spent by customers
  • Deepened analytics of marketing performance
  • Use of dynamic recommendation boxes in the cart page to cross-sell some additional goods