Pissis Ltd is an experienced company providing advertising, display and business signage solutions as well as wood installations for commercial premises and more.

What was the idea behind using Hey Oliver?

Pissis Ltd started using Hey Oliver in order to increase the returning visitors on their website. What they needed was a solution that would analyze their visitors in order to send them specific, targeted and personalized messages. This way the company would be able to bring a lot more visitors back to the website.

Challenges they were facing:

  • Lack of customer engagement in email marketing
  • Huge discrepancy between traffic and purchases in the site
  • Building clients’ behavioral and transactional profiles were very difficult
  • Need for automated email campaigns for mass-communication personalization

What were the benefits?

With the help of Hey Oliver, the company managed to have efficient and sophisticated marketing automation in very little time. The tools enabled them to increase lead generation, visitor engagement, returning visitors, and much more for their website.

The growth and end results

Pissis Ltd saw big growth and improvement in the following areas:

  • Ability to build email marketing campaigns four to five times faster than before
  • The landing pages are now better than ever. They are now compatible with all platforms and all screen sizes
  • Better targeting of the company’s consumers in order to send them personalized emails related to their offers
  • Automated marketing technology enabled Pissis Ltd to improve its customer segmentation and targeting.

Future plans:

We have scheduled plans, that will take place in the following 2 months for Pissis Ltd:

  • A/B testing for dynamic emails mechanisms and creations to improve conversion rates
  • Deepened analytics of marketing performance
  • Win-back program to retrieve non-active customers
  • Facebook Integration - lead acquisition and retargeting ads management on the social platform