St. Elias Resort is a luxury hotel in Protaras, Cyprus next to the landmark of the area Ayios Elias Chapel. The hotel is only 15 minutes walk from the beach and includes spacious studios and suites with a private pool and a waterpark. The resort received several awards such as the Traveller’s Choice Award 2019 by Tripadvisor.

What was the idea behind using Hey Oliver?

St. Elias Resort needed an automated marketing solution that would enable them to increase the number of their visitors but also improve the pageviews and ultimately increase their direct bookings. Hey Oliver would help in such a way that they would be finally able to increase the number of leads and make them convert.

Challenges they were facing:

  • Big discrepancy between traffic and bookings on the website
  • Building clients’ behavioral and transactional profiles was tricky
  • Need for automated email campaigns to target the right people

What were the benefits?

According to St. Elias Resort, Hey Oliver enhanced their marketing strategy, by using a variety of tools such as push notifications and inbound marketing. Those tools accomplished keeping their visitors in the loop and additionally driving traffic to the website based on each user's preferences.


  • Customer segmentation implementing simple segmentation matrix allowed to tag users according to features they search for (size of rooms, price).
  • Marketing automation also helped St.Elias Resort to score the leads the teams were nurturing, meaning that the sales team could follow up with them when they were most likely to convert.
  • Web push implementation - possibility of reaching anonymous visitors with information about new offers and deals via web browser notifications.

The growth and end results

St. Elias Resort saw growth and improvement in the following areas:

  • Increased lead generation from the website
  • Big increase in traffic conversion
  • Increasing loyalty and amount of next bookings with personalization and delivering information matching the current needs of each individual user

Future plans

We have scheduled plans, that will take place by the end of the year such as:

  • A/B testing for dynamic email mechanisms and creations to improve conversion rates
  • Win-back program to retrieve non-active customers
  • Deepened analytics of marketing performance
  • Use custom attributes to build more dynamic customer segments based on the time of the last purchase information, purchase frequency and the amount of money spent by customers