Xelacovendors is a company specialized on placement, renting and sale of coffee/beverage of the world’s largest vending companies and the exclusive distributor of coffee products.

What was the idea behind using Hey Oliver?

Hey Oliver allowed Xelaco to be more agile in its marketing initiatives and quickly create personalized marketing messages.

Our marketing automation software was implemented to handle leads coming into the website and to identify and segment visitors based on the coffee machine solution they prefer. These leads then received customized messages depending on where they were in the lead scoring and purchase funnel.

Problems they were facing:

  • • Low conversion rate
  • • Need for automated email campaigns for mass-communication personalization
  • • Poor lead generation
  • • Lack of customer engagement
  • • A need for creating a solid bridge between the sales and marketing departments and utilizing knowledge obtained on a user from his behavior on the website in conversation with salespeople

What were the benefits?

Sending mass inbound messages generated a large number of leads, but they weren’t always of good quality. Automated marketing technology enabled Xelaco to reorient their online sales and marketing objectives, and improve their customer segmentation and targeting.

Using the Hey Oliver live chat tool they were also able to connect better with their visitors faster and easier than ever before, creating business opportunities for both sides.

  • • Web push implementation - possibility of reaching anonymous visitors with information about new offers and deals via web browser notification
  • • Win-back program to retrieve non-active customers
  • • Integration of Marketing Automation platform with CRM
  • • Integration with Facebook Ads and Facebook Custom Audience integration for targeting customers in social media

Marketing Automation for Both Online and Offline Sales

The growth and end results

Xelaco saw big growth and improvement in the following areas:

  • • Increased lead generation from the website
  • • Increase in Open Rate thanks to tailoring time of delivery to users’ individual preferences
  • • Increase in Click-Through Rate thanks to the personalized content of the messages
  • • A decrease in the unsubscription rate
  • • Increase in customer engagement with e-mail marketing (increased open and conversion rates)
  • • Increase in the efficiency of the sales department

Future plans

We have scheduled plans, that will take place in the next two months for Xelaco:

  • • Use custom attributes to build more dynamic customer segments based on the time of the last purchase information, purchase frequency and the amount of money spent by customers
  • • Deepened analytics of marketing performance
  • • Implement dynamic banners as a complementary means of relevant, individualized offers
  • • A/B testing for dynamic email mechanisms and creations to improve conversion rates