Automarin is the biggest second-hand car dealership in Greece. With over 4 decades of experience and more than 1000 cars, they identified the need to provide great customer service and the constant effort to improve. There is no doubt why Automarin leads the way online and offline.

What was the idea behind using Hey Oliver?

With the fast growth of marketing automation in the automotive market, Automarin knew that they needed to keep up with the competition. Marketing automation would help Automarin to attract the right leads for their sales department, and to ultimately boost the overall business growth. By using our “Hey Oliver” marketing automation tool, they can get in touch, provide personalized experiences and convert those leads easier than ever.

Challenges they were facing:

  • • The need for a lead generation increase
  • • Automated email campaigns for mass-communication personalization weren’t possible
  • • Building clients’ behavioral and transactional profiles were difficult
  • • Lack of dynamic offer adjustment in email marketing and on the website

What were the benefits?

As expected, marketing automation improved the overall quality and increased the number of leads generated. Using our dedicated Hey Oliver Action Plan, we helped Automarin to improve some less converting areas, therefore creating a powerful sales funnel through inbound marketing. Leads were automatically categorized into relevant groups for easier management and of course better targeting with announcements and offers.


  • • Website content personalization. Personalized banners on the web showing different prices for shipping costs and minimum order depending on each customer group: individuals, distributors, and more
  • • Newsletters with new arrivals, sent whenever there was a new car in stock
  • • Increased Click-Through Rate thanks to the personalized content of the messages
  • • Increasing loyalty and amount of next purchases with personalization and delivering information matching the current needs of each individual user
  • • Web push implementation - possibility of reaching anonymous visitors with information about new offers and deals via web browser notification

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The growth and end results

Automarin saw big growth and improvement in the following areas:

  • • Dynamic 1-to-1 emails sent after visit showed: an increase in Open Rate, increase in CTR, increase in CTOR, increase in Conversion Rate
  • • Increased lead generation from the website
  • • Increase in Open Rate thanks to tailoring time of delivery to users’ individual preferences
  • • Increased traffic conversion
  • • Growth in number of contacts obtained from the website

Future plans

We have scheduled plans, that will take place in the next few months for Automarin:

  • • Win-back program to retrieve non-active customers
  • • A/B testing for dynamic email mechanisms and creations to improve conversion rates
  • • Integration with Facebook Ads and Facebook Custom Audience integration for targeting customers in social media
  • • Use custom attributes to build more dynamic customer segments based on the time of the last purchase information, purchase frequency and the amount of money spent by customers
  • • Deepened analytics of marketing performance