Ricordi is an online clothing shop located in Corfu, Greece, selling exclusively men’s branded clothes at relatively low prices.

What was the idea behind using Hey Oliver?

Because of the website’s popularity, Ricordi has a lot of visitors on its page regularly. What they needed was an all-in-one marketing solution that could analyze the massive number of visits while targeting them with personalized actions and messages. With “Hey Oliver”, Ricordi would have been able to engage with visitors, transform them into customers, bring visitors back to the website, and so much more.

Challenges faced:

  • • Low conversion rate
  • • Poor lead generation
  • • Need for automated email campaigns for mass-communication personalization
  • • Building clients’ behavioral and transactional profiles weren’t something they could do

What were the benefits?

By using the “Hey Oliver” marketing automation tool, the company was able to make major gains in efficiency and agility. The tools enabled the marketing team to increase lead generation, visitor engagement, increase returning visitors, and much more, with ease. Running campaigns could have never been this efficient without utilizing Hey Oliver.


  • • Increasing loyalty and amount of next purchases with personalization and delivering information matching the current needs of each individual user
  • • Customer segmentation implementing a simple segmentation matrix allowed to tag users according to clothes or brands they search for
  • • Messages sent from the system level include personal phrases that build direct relation and emphasize the individual character of shopping in this store
  • • Web push implementation - possibility of reaching anonymous visitors with information about new offers and deals via web browser notification
  • • Win-back program to retrieve non-active customers

Targeted Content With a Massive Impact

The growth and end results

Ricordi saw big growth and improvement in the following areas:

  • • Increase in loyalty and amount of next purchases with personalization and delivering information matching the current needs of the individual user
  • • Increased lead generation from the website
  • • Increase in the efficiency of the sales department
  • • Growth in number of contacts obtained from the website
  • • Increase in traffic conversion

Future plans

We have scheduled plans, that will take place in the next two months for Ricordi:

  • • A/B testing for dynamic emails mechanisms and creations to improve conversion rates
  • • Using custom attributes to build more dynamic customer segments based on the time of the last purchase information, purchase frequency and the amount of money spent by customers
  • • Deepened analytics of marketing performance
  • • Use of dynamic recommendation boxes in the cart page to cross-sell additional goods