Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


You have questions? We have answers. We have compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often. These are updated on a regular basis.

How much does Hey Oliver cost?

The cost of Hey Oliver is based on the plan you choose. Click at Plans and Pricing for a detailed presentation of our offerings!

Is there any additional implementation fee?

No. Additional fees are applicable only for the "Tailored Plan", depending on factors including the size of your database, related technical requirements, needs, and your timeline.

Do I need to buy any additional services?

Other than the initial implementation fee, no. Once your new account is live you will get free coaching, guidance, and support from our highly experienced Customer Success team. You will get support – from real people – for the lifetime of our relationship. You also have our broad Knowledge Base and articles to self-direct your learning, as you choose. We understand that your marketing automation success depends on what we offer, so we are here to make sure you get the results you need.

Can I change my plan?

Absolutely. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any point without penalty.

Do you offer Professional Services?

Yes, we do. When you need strategic expert help – whether it’s developing a marketing strategy, training a team, designing a coordinated email/landing page program, or managing a campaign hands-on – our experts can make it happen for you.

Why Hey Oliver, when there are many lead generation tools?

Hey Oliver is probably the simplest but most features-rich marketing automation solution available today and built from the ground up with selling in mind. Our personalization engine uses your data to predict and optimize the content and timing of your communications to ensure you are giving the right customers the right offers at the moment they are most likely to purchase. Other than that, all customers are assigned a Customer Success Manager, ensuring they have support every step of the way.

Will Hey Oliver improve my ROI?

Well, we cannot guarantee that but… yes. Our typical customer moving from traditional marketing services gets 100 - 300% better engagement than before. In general, personalized content can generate six times the sales of standard non-personalized campaigns. If you sell products online and use personalized marketing, chances are we can make you more money.

How does it actually work?

Hey Oliver uses a small piece of code, much like Google Analytics, which tracks your visitors while browsing your website. Those tracking data are analyzed in real time by our sophisticated algorithms, providing accurate information about your website visitors, their behavior and interests. Based on your marketing objectives, Hey Oliver engages with each visitor automatically, motivating them to buy your product, fill an enquiry form or contact you.

Is it easy to get the tracking code onto my site?

Yes, it's very simple, the tracking code just needs to be added to your website. Your developer or web support will be able to do this for you. But we can do it for you too, free of charge.

Does the cookies law affect my use of the software?

No, Hey Oliver doesn't use cookies.

How easy is it to use Hey Oliver?

Hey Oliver is super easy to use, customers access their data via the intuitive dashboard which has loads of great report and features ready to use. Plus, all customers are allocated a Customer Success Manager to answer any questions they might have.

How much time will I have to spend on creating a marketing campaigns if everything is personalized?

Reaching at your customers with Hey Oliver takes the same amount of time as traditional marketing campaigns, because our system handles all the personalization. Once your campaigns are set up, most can be automated, which means you can spend time worrying about other things.

How many messages can I send per month?

You can send as many as you like depending on your plan. However, have in mind that your customers may be frustrated if you email them too much.

Can I allow access to multiple users?

Yes, in fact as many as you need. The number of users is unlimited and doesn't affect your price. In fact, we actively encourage multiple users from the business to benefit fully from the software.

My question is not answered here. May I ask you something?

That goes without saying. Just head to the Contact page, type your question and you are done!