Save time and money using Hey Oliver’s Adwords Integration.

Automate your campaigns with our Adwords Integration and have your ad copies created in seconds.

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Increase your revenue substantially

Another advantage that marketing automation can offer to you when it’s integrated with Google Adwords is that you will be able to expand your targeted keywords. This will, in turn, bring you a big improvement in your ads and your results. As a result, you will see a big difference in your revenue meaning that it will increase by a huge margin.

Get access to data analytics

Analytics will provide you with useful statistics such as how many clicks are necessary for a purchase.

Have an effective resource allocation

Be able to measure your ROI and effectively allocate resources.

Simplified campaign creation

Easily create your campaigns however you desire using our marketing automation platform.

Personalize your sales pitches

Get to know exactly what your visitors are searching for, which ads they are clicking on and collect all the relevant information.


Without Adwords Integration,
nothing works as well as it should

Different groups of people care about different things. Know what they want, and treat them differently.

Without Adwords Integration

  • You will spend more money on unnecessary resources
  • You won’t know which ads your users are interested in
  • Your leads won’t move to the next step of the buyer’s journey

With Adwords Integration

  • Allocate your budget as effectively as you can
  • Find information about which ads your users are clicking on
  • Convert your website visitors into leads

Use data for superlative results

The creation of all your campaigns will be determined by the data that you will gather. You will be able to combine first, second and third-party data with the behavioral information that you will collect for each one of your users. When you find out all the information for your customers, this will play a big role in the creation of your keywords but also in the creation of your ad copy.

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Optimize your ads to the fullest extent

A super-important feature of marketing automation is location targeting. For example, if you are a restaurant and want to target specific postcodes to send your ads to, you will be able to do that with ease using the tools of Hey Oliver. Also, your targeting can be improved even more at a later stage based on the locations of your customers, the time of the day and the devices they are using.


Provide a clearly-defined strategy to your customers

Help your customers create an effective marketing strategy. The marketing automation tools that Hey Oliver offers can help you in the creation of your ad copy but also in the reporting. The results will be superb since automation is the key to increase your sales and the satisfaction of your customers.

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It doesn't stop here...

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