Create multi-channel campaigns using our cross-device tracking.

Identify those who will most likely become your customers and target them on any of their devices.

image for  Create multi-channel campaigns using our cross-device tracking

Improve the efficiency of your ads

Using Hey Oliver's cross-device tracking, you will be able to send targeted ads on specific devices that your visitors make use of. It is very important to know the devices your visitors use so that you can target, personalize and optimize your ads according to the specific needs of each device. In this way, you will manage to deliver the right message at the right time.

Use remarketing to generate conversions

Remarket a product search made on a tablet via desktop advertisements, or vice versa.

Improved marketing automation

View a realistic customer journey as well as the campaign attribution touchpoints, so that you can enhance collected data.

Understand your marketing expenses

Discover the whole effect of your marketing euros and more granularity to your spending analytics.

Decide on your budget across devices

Your user’s activity will aid you in determining which platform you need to turn to.


Without Cross Device Tracking,
nothing works as well as it should

Different groups of people care about different things. Know what they want, and treat them differently.

Without Cross Device Tracking

  • You don’t estimate your budget correctly
  • You send your visitors to the wrong devices
  • You gather data only from specific devices

With Cross Device Tracking

  • Spend your budget effectively across devices
  • Decide which device works best on each visitor
  • Collect data regarding your users, from many devices

Estimate your marketing expenses to make the appropriate estimations

There is no doubt that the estimation of your expenses is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Your marketing spend will be determined by numerous factors which include the device the visitors are using. Thus, based on that you can make correct estimations so that you use your money wisely. The final benefit is that you will also be able to find out which new customers to target.

photo for Estimate your marketing expenses to make the appropriate estimations

Target and engage visitors across all channels

In today's increasingly digital ecosystem, consumers interact with brands across a set of platforms and channels. In order to be continuously engaged and connected to your audience, Hey Oliver can help you expand your marketing reach across all of these different channels. You can be sure of engaging the right people, at the right moment, based on the criteria you choose by delivering targeted personalized messages across all possible and available channels.


Get a full view of the customer journey

The buyer’s journey will be visible to you for each of your visitors, so that you will have a clear picture of each stage they progress through, up until they arrive at the final stage of completing a purchase. Also, you will be aware of which devices they use during this journey. Using this information you will be able to understand their thought processes and determine your strategy accordingly.

photo for Get a full view of the customer journey

It doesn't stop here...

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