Create targeted drip campaigns with highly personalized messages.

Send highly targeted drip campaign emails and urge your customers to engage with your brand.

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Re-engage inactive leads utilizing drip campaigns

Using this feature of Hey Oliver, you will be able to form groups for your leads and create drip campaigns for those who might have not shown such a big interest in your product or service. Be sure that some of them might be very active after their subscription while others might not even bother to visit your website or interact with you.

Highly increase the engagement of your visitors

Send targeted emails to your visitors and make them be more welcoming of what you send them.

Up-sell and cross-sell effectively

Make your customers feel valued and return for a second purchase, recommend you to a friend or renew their subscription.

Make your brand memorable

Send relevant emails to the leads that haven’t ended up buying from you, to remind them that you are there when they need you.

Boost your email open rates

The emails you will be sending will be based on your visitor’s actions, thus they will have a bigger chance of getting a response.


Without Drip Campaigns,
nothing works as well as it should

Different groups of people care about different things. Know what they want, and treat them differently.

Without Drip Campaigns

  • You won’t have a way of attracting your users
  • Your customers will visit your website and then bounce
  • You will have low email open rates

With Drip Campaigns

  • Achieve higher engagement for your visitors
  • Make your customers come back for a second purchase
  • Increase your email open rates

Help your sales team target the right people

The creation of drip emails can be very beneficial for both the marketing and sales teams of your company. It can help you push your leads to progress faster through the marketing-sales funnel. First, the marketing team will educate the prospects with the aid of drip emails, and when they start showing some interest in your product the sales team will take over in order to quickly convert those leads into customers.

photo for Help your sales team target the right people

Drip campaigns to help you save time and effort

Using this sophisticated tool of Hey Oliver, you will manage to have an automated funnel movement and therefore your team will have more time to invest in more important activities and tasks. Examples of those could be planning your next marketing campaigns or finding ways of actually talking to your prospects. Lastly, you should remember to try and make those drip campaigns very targeted to achieve the best results.


Achieve higher engagement with your audience

Another impressive benefit that you will experience after setting up your drip campaigns through Hey Oliver, is that the Open Rates of your emails will be a lot bigger. This is because they will be targeted and personalized and thus, a bigger percentage of people will be triggered not only to open your email but also click on your links and eventually convert.

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It doesn't stop here...

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