Track each click, download and event and optimize your campaign targeting.

Identify where on your website your visitors click on and send them targeted suggestions.

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Get a full picture of the elements that users choose to click when visiting your website

Through Hey Oliver’s advanced event tracking feature, you will be able to be aware of each move that your contacts make. Subsequently, you will have the ability to use this information accordingly. For example, you can begin sending a series of emails in case that a person downgrades his account.

Track user actions to offer them exactly what they’re interested in

Use our event tracking tool for your events and manage to profile each customer and target them based on their actions.

Create a sales automation for your users

For the people who have signed up for a service that you offer, you will have the opportunity to create a sales automation and level up.

Target visitors using a series of emails

In case some of your visitors have decided to downgrade their account, then you can retarget them by with drip campaigns.

View historical data of your visitors

Have access to the data of your users from the first day that they visited your website in order to use them accordingly.


Without Event Tracking,
nothing works as well as it should

Different groups of people care about different things. Know what they want, and treat them differently.

Without Event Tracking

  • You are not aware of the browsing activity of all your users
  • You are not able to form groups to target your visitors
  • You are not able to send targeted suggestions

With Event Tracking

  • Track each click and download of your visitors
  • Segment your audience based on the events you track
  • Follow-up to show them what they’re interested in

Discover which ads, landing pages & emails your users are opening

You will be able to track what your contacts are doing in real time and find out what they click on and when, in order to form your strategy of how you will target them. More specifically, you will have the ability to track specific events such as downloads, signup button clicks or purchases.

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Integration easy as A-B-C

Coding is not necessary for you to install Hey Oliver’s event tracking. Any person of your marketing department will be able to easily set it up without any facing any difficulty. This way you will reduce resource and timing issues by giving your team the time to focus on other more important tasks. The creation of segments will be done in seconds!


Analyze all the metrics you have available

With the advanced tool of event tracking that Hey Oliver offers, you will have the opportunity to access a lot of metrics from a single dashboard. Subsequently, you will be able to analyze them and end up to impactful suggestions which you will communicate to the rest of your team. They will then apply your suggestions and iterate the process of acquiring more and more new customers but also retaining them.

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It doesn't stop here...

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