Build strong customer relationships with our Facebook integration.

Reach a personalized audience, with the features of Facebook integration such as custom audiences.

image for  Build strong customer relationships with our Facebook integration

Combine the power of social media and marketing automation

You can use the data that you will collect from the ads to create buyer personas for your visitors. Then, you will be able to create targeted ad campaigns, which will be educational for your visitors so they will find value in your product or service and additionally know which products to promote based on their interests.

Find the most relevant products via social media

The Facebook ads will enable you to improve your sales and acquire new clients.

Efficient targeting with the use of contact lists

Your contact list will aid you in finding new friends. This method of targeting is a lot more efficient than targeting alone.

Quick creation of campaigns

This feature of Hey Oliver will offer you one single platform to create ads and easily track their results.

Custom Audiences easy creation

With Facebook integration you will have the ability to create Custom Audiences for your Facebook ads and personalize them.


Without Facebook Integration,
nothing works as well as it should

Different groups of people care about different things. Know what they want, and treat them differently.

Without Facebook Integration

  • You won’t have a clear picture of your top products
  • The audiences for your campaigns won’t be targeted
  • You won't easily access a dashboard to create campaigns

With Facebook Integration

  • Discover your best-selling products through social media
  • Use Facebook to effectively create Custom Audiences
  • Create campaigns quickly and track the results

Create your own Facebook Ad Campaigns using Hey Oliver

Use one single panel to effectively access the Facebook Ads Manager and be able to create your own campaigns with any modifications you need to make. Also, you will be able to track the results based on Facebook Insights, and refine your objectives to try to be as efficient as you can for your existing or forthcoming campaigns.

photo for Create your own Facebook Ad Campaigns using Hey Oliver

Reply to any comments or messages on Social Media

Using our feature-rich marketing automation tool, you will have the ability to react to any comments posted on your Facebook page, or messages that will be sent to your inbox with the aid of automated alerts. A more specific example that you could make use of is to automate the sales chat which will buy a lot of time.


Import all your contacts from your CRM automatically

When your CRM is integrated, you will be able to import all your contacts and thus create personalized ad campaigns for your leads. This process will be very short; it will only take a few seconds to be completed. You will also be able to create automated sequences since all your contacts will have a proper tag.

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It doesn't stop here...

See what else you can do with Hey Oliver

Segmentation and Groups

Receive a separated analysis for each of your visitors using Hey Oliver's segmentation, and achieve tailored promotions for your users.

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Cross Domain Tracking

Learn how you can track the buyer’s journey and the checkout process of your customers, using Hey Oliver’s Cross-domain tracking feature.

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Marketing Analytics

Discover how industry-leading marketing analytics applications can help you tie revenue to marketing campaigns and build credibility.

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Adwords Integration

Optimize your ads using the unique feature of Hey Oliver, Adwords integration and find out how you can substantially increase your revenue.

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Multi-User Accounts

Give your team access to one account and be able to handle all your team members in one place using Hey Oliver’s Multi-user accounts feature.

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Real Time Chat

Our real time chat lets you engage with your website visitors. Hey Oliver helps businesses convert visitors on their website to customers in real time.

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