Build trust and speed-up your support with first-class integrated FAQ.

Our integrated FAQ has all the answers in one place, with the objective to help your visitors save time.

image for  Build trust and speed-up your support with first-class integrated FAQ

Reduce the volume of customer service actions

By incorporating an FAQ page, you help your customers find all the answers they’re looking for in one place. Thus, they won’t feel the need to contact you directly via email, phone or even live chat. This will be extremely helpful for you to save time since you won’t need to repetitively answer every question.

Cut down on your operational costs

This kind of automated support will result in less customer inquiries and less support expenses.

Help your customers save time

Help your visitors get the most out of your website by finding the most relevant queries quickly and effectively.

Get your audience to trust you

Build trust between you and your audience by helping them through any challenge they might face.

Have a first class customer service

Your customers will be able to get the service they want without you going the extra mile.


Without Integrated FAQ,
nothing works as well as it should

Different groups of people care about different things. Know what they want, and treat them differently.

Without Integrated FAQ

  • Your visitors will waste their time browsing your website
  • Your clients won’t be able to trust you
  • You spend excess money on customer service

With Integrated FAQ

  • Your customers will save time with all the answers in one place
  • You will build trust between you and your clients
  • Reduce your customer service resources

Save time for your customers

Something you can be sure about is that your customers are busy people and hence they won’t have the time to browse through the entire website and look at each and every page until they find what they want. The integrated FAQ tool of Hey Oliver will help them to answer any question they might have for your business, easily and quickly.

photo for Save time for your customers

Build trust with your audience

If your aim is to convince your leads to buy from you, you should know that trust is vital. The FAQ can help in such a way that it will show them you are responsible and that you are trying to help them with their questions. In addition, it shows that you are not hiding something from them since everything is accessible to everyone.


Show the personality of your brand

Get creative not only with the design of your website but also with your FAQ page. Be sure that those FAQ’s are helpful for your audience, but most importantly, aligned with your brand. This will result in you building relationships with your audience that will further help them during their buyer journey, but also help you show them the personality of your brand.

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