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Lead nurturing focuses on educating qualified leads who are not yet ready to buy. The key to successful lead nurturing is to deliver content that's valuable enough to keep your audience engaged and interested. With an effective tool like Hey Oliver, targeting, individualized cross-channel engagement and substantial lead management functionalities, you have greater chances of not only targeting visitors but targeting decision-makers within them through various marketing channels.


Identify hot opportunities with lead nurturing emails

Deliver timely content of email nurturing campaigns to leads based on where they are in the funnel, their characteristics, and other personal data. Lead Nurturing ensures your brand remain the number one choice for prospective customers using regular email messages that have relevant content that tells more about your products to prospective customers as they move through the buying journey. This helps in saving time and labor as the email campaigns are sent once and the subsequent ones are automated based on your preferences.

Turn your website into a lead generation machine

In order to be effective and valuable your website should convert unknown visitors into known leads. Many of them are hot prospects searching through your content to see if your products can meet expectation. Hey Oliver removes all the boundaries between hot leads and your sales team, by identifying and starting meaningful conversion tactics with them.

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Lead Generation, as it is supposed to be

Close more business using Hey Oliver's unparalleled nurturing technology. Automatically segment your visitors based on their level of lead hotness, and when are ready, our tools engage them in social media, create and publish marketing content, launch email marketing campaigns and so on to close the deal. The information gathered from the potential leads can direct your marketing campaigns to the best methods to obtain their contact information.


Build trust and interest over time

While the biggest percent of new potential clients who engage with your web site aren't hot enough to establish a connection with your sales team, well-timed and targeted communication is critical. Hey Oliver helps you raise awareness through personalized content and deliver material through lead nurturing tools that build relationships and influence your customer's decision-making process.


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Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is the process of adding and subtracting points from a lead's value based on various lead attributes or demographics, as well as behaviors.

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Predictive Content

Using predictive analytics and machine learning, Hey Oliver recommends the most relevant content to the right person at the right time.

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Real Time Chat

Our live chat lets you engage with your website visitors. Hey Oliver helps businesses convert visitors on their website to customers in real time.

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