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A winning lead scoring model specifically designed for your website

If one thing holds true about sales, it’s that not all leads are created equal. Hey Oliver's flexible lead scoring enables you to identify and prioritize ready-to-buy prospects. Your prospects automatically gather points based on criteria such as behavioral, transactional and how well they engage with everything within your web page and brand. All visitors have their own score saved in their personal profile page and when this metric reaches a particular level they are handed over to sales.


Optimize your sales funnel by developing your own lead scoring

Your best buyers have some profile characteristics in common as in their journey through the funnel. The marketing and sales team should join hands in, determining what the characteristics and step are, assign point values for each and determine what score threshold qualifies a lead for sales. By implementing Hey Oliver's dynamic lead management, you can route leads to the sales team, at the right time to close the deal.

Highly customizable behavioral scoring criteria

The behavior pattern of the buyer says a lot about their intentions. With Hey Oliver, you can formulate a plan for how to proceed with your visitors' engagement by targeting a set of behaviors or specific actions such as form enquiries. Hey Oliver gives you the flexibility to be informed of everything concerning your visitors and potential clients whenever it's required.

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Focus and improve your follow-up efforts

The integrated lead scoring tool by Hey Oliver ensures you focus more on the hottest leads with a higher inclination for sales because it helps you uncover hidden opportunities. Lead scoring automates the process of tracking key actions performed by prospects and their behaviours whenever they are online so sales representatives are alerted of who and when to target.


Advanced engagement tracking with lead scoring

Using Hey Oliver Lead Scoring feature is easy. The first thing you will need to do in your account is to decide which lead scoring criteria are valuable to your business. Then, our algorithms run continuously to rank your visitors and prioritize the higher score leads based on the criteria you already set. Do not forget, our Account Managers are ready to help you in order to build a great lead scoring model for your business.


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