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Simplified marketing analytics to drive superior business growth

Many business owners think marketing analytics are best left to the experts, but we are here to tell you that with Hey Oliver you are the expert. We make Marketing Analytics easy to understand, which is essential for sound decision making and effective, efficient marketing execution. Hey Oliver provides customized dashboards and reporting capability that includes interactive visualization and metrics designed specifically for marketing performance analysis from simple visits to your conversion funnel.


Monitor through analytical dashboards

The Hey Oliver Analytical Dashboard provides CEOs, managers and marketers with features such as comprehensive analytics of the key processes of marketing and sales campaigns, engagement and responses. The Live View module tracks the efficiency of each division (sales and marketing) in carrying out its specialize functions in the build up to finalizing sales deals. Also, several panels containing basic data on the current base of contact are available. The data are generated in real-time but you can also receive them into your email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, which you can make an inference on the negative and positive trends on your website.

Tie revenue to the exact campaigns that generate it

Knowing the measure to which market campaign generate more sales, you can supply productive campaigns with more revenue in a bid to generate more sales, as such making the effect of marketing campaigns evident to the decision-makers of your organization. Hey Oliver guides results-oriented marketing in which all areas support each other, making the measuring of marketing easier.

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Map and ensure your visitors journey

Get in the know about the key performance metrics during your customer's journey at every stage. The info about the customer journey gives you an idea of the appropriate marketing strategy and trigger messages at the right time needed to make sales. We use proven methods and tools to attract, retarget and convert customers quickly giving answers to questions such as "On which customer segments and product lines should we focus marketing support?"


Focus your resources where it has the most impact

Understanding the buyer's journey is key in using marketing automation softwares effectively. Don't underestimate the value of knowing their entry source. Did they first come from a social media campaign? From Google? Hey Oliver helps you to identify and focus on all these channels with the greatest likelihood of maximum yield in revenue and ROI.


Hey Oliver is a complete marketing automation solution for your business

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Push Notifications

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