Enable your team to collaborate effectively using multi-user accounts.

Use multi-user accounts to monitor the projects of your agents and avoid misunderstandings.

image for  Enable your team to collaborate effectively using multi-user accounts

Multi-user accounts will help you save costs for your business

Each of your employees will most probably have their own project lists that they will need to handle. Using Hey Oliver’s multi-user accounts, you will be able to handle all of them in a single platform, without needing a subscription for each one of them. The final benefit is that this account type will aid you in saving costs for your business.

Take over the accounts of your customers

You will be able to sync the accounts of your customers with yours and handle them with ease.

Manage your users with ease

The Account Manager will be able to assign different permission levels of account users at any time.

Upgraded types of users

Enjoy effortless application of the sets of permissions to new visitors.

Assist your customers faster

Get a manageable volume of inquiries and make sure that your customers will receive immediate support.


Without Multi-User Accounts,
nothing works as well as it should

Different groups of people care about different things. Know what they want, and treat them differently.

Without Multi-User Accounts

  • You will lose track of your team members
  • You won’t have a single tool for managing all your tasks
  • Your customers won’t receive a first-class customer service

With Multi-User Accounts

  • Manage all your team members in a single dashboard
  • Be more productive by assigning tasks to each of your agents
  • Help your customers quickly and immediately

Many users in just one dashboard

Through Hey Oliver’s sophisticated tools, you will be able to give access to many users from which some might have different permissions. For example, each user that you will give access to this dashboard will have different login details since each one of them will be possibly working with particular clients. The permissions that each user will have will determine which parts of the dashboard they will have access to.

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An advanced tool for your email marketing campaigns

Your email campaigns will now be easier than ever to be created! You will be able to determine the size and the structure for your team which plays a crucial role in all your email marketing activities. Of course, each one of them will have different permissions to the account. However, anyone can join from your copywriters to your customers.


Have control over each of your team members

Another extremely important advantage of multi-user accounts for you is that you will be able to monitor the progress of each project very easily, and check what is done so far and what is not. It’s a great way to check the performance of your team as an account manager, and probably assign further tasks to some members of your team.

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