Improve campaign performance using advanced segmentation.

Create campaigns that are highly relevant to your audience's interests using segmentation.

image for  Improve campaign performance using advanced segmentation

Get an individual analysis for each user

Using our Segmentation feature, you will manage to get an individual analysis of the identified but also the anonymous visitors that browse through your website. You will be kept updated regarding their activity and the time they are spending during their buyer journey. We will also offer you real-time alerts if we identify a lead since all their data are tracked and connected.

Use segmentation to create predictive models

Segment your audience by events, profiles and steps of buyer’s journey so that you can create predictive and look-a-like models.

Enhance your customer profiles

Improve the profiles of your customers and offer highly targeted messages in your campaigns.

Create personalized experiences for your visitors

Provide more value to your visitors by getting personal.

Segment your leads instantly

Provide the best possible experience to your visitors and view information such as which type of company they come from.


Without Segmentation and Groups,
nothing works as well as it should

Different groups of people care about different things. Know what they want, and treat them differently.

Without Segmentation and Groups

  • Your won't have your users grouped to target them
  • You won’t know which are your best customers
  • Your campaigns will not be personalized

With Segmentation and Groups

  • Target your messages for specific groups of people
  • Identify your top customers based on their browsing history
  • Create personalized campaigns that bring better results

Get to know your visitors and provide more value

Go deeper with your analysis of your buyer personas. This means that with segmentation, you will not only be able to know which products your customers favor but also some other factors that will improve your communication with them even more. You can get as specific as you can, for example, find out which particular style of sneakers they would be interested in, or even what kind of company they work for.

photo for Get to know your visitors and provide more value

Evaluate long-term engagement

Segmentation will help you in determining which are your loyal customers in order to send them personalized campaigns and make them come back for more. Also, you can encourage them to recommend your business to others. This is very important since as a marketer, one of your aims is to retain your customers and turn them into promoters of your brand.


Tailor your promotions for each visitor

Segment your audience based on their preferences and according to that, you will be able to show them their favorite products. Make suggestions to your loyal customers based on their most-viewed products, in order to ensure that they will continue buying from you. Additionally, show your seasonal shoppers the most targeted products at the time they’re about to buy.

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