Here you can have a look at the Favourites you have set and some information about them such as their first and last visit on your website. You also have the ability to categorize your visitors into groups, import all your contacts and create unique lists with them. Lastly, you can search for people that have visited your website by choosing specific criteria.

Written by Christina, Thomas, Elena


How do I set criteria in a Group?

On the group that you want to edit the criteria for: Click on the "Settings" button. A modal window will popup with all the available criteria to edit.

Do Groups update in real time?

Yes. Thus, right after you create each of your groups, you will be able to see the number of people that belong to that specific group, by clicking on the 'Person' icon.

Find People

How can I find specific visitors?

Go to Audience > Find People. Select the criteria that this person needs to hold (For example, if he is from Cyprus go to Country and choose Cyprus) Click on Find...