Here you can send and receive messages from visitors, in real time. When someone enters your website for the first time, he receives an automated message. If you are offline and a visitor sends a message, you can have an automated message sent in order to contact them later on.

Written by Christina, Thomas, Elena


What happens when I am offline on chat?

If a visitor chooses to message you while you are offline, he will receive an automatic reply to let him know you are offline. Also, a form will appear in the chat discussion prompting...

Where can I find my older chat conversations?

All chat threads that are older than 14 days are saved in the "Archive" folder. You can find archived chat threads by going to the Chat option from the menu. Then, from the top...

How do I get notified for new chat messages?

You will receive a notification on the top of your dashboard as well as a sound notification. In case you want to receive an email notification too, you can do so by going to...