The Lead Funnel provides you with an overview of your today's best visitors. With Hey Oliver's automated lead funnel algorithm, you don't have to guess who your new prospects are and how to target them. Now, you can turn these leads into buyers and permanent customers. You simply need to start creating your best campaigns with the correct targeting depending on their lead stage.

Written by Christina, Thomas, Elena

Leads Overview

Is there a way to export my visitors?

Definitely! Just go to Leads > Today or Leads > Leads. You will then be able to export those visitors in the following file types: CSV, Excel and PDF. Just click on your...

Lead Scoring

How do I set-up lead scoring?

To start setting up your lead scoring you just need to assign points to specific groups, campaigns and so on. For example when you are

What are the advantages of lead scoring?

The advantages of lead scoring are the following: You can create Audiences (Groups) with the leads that have a certain score, and use those Groups to create targeted campaigns...