What different options are there to categorize my chat conversations?

Written by Elena

On Hey Oliver, you have many different options to categorize your chat conversations which are the following:

Inbox: This is where all your new messages are stored.

Archive: This is where you choose to save certain messages to find them again in the future.

Follow up: You can choose to move messages to this group in case you want to follow up with the people you’ve had a certain conversation with.

For review: You can save certain conversations in this group to review them later.

Contact in future: As the name says, you can save conversations with certain people that you want to contact again in the future.

Flagged: This shows urgency so that you will be able to view the ‘flagged’ messages more easily and quickly.

Lead: You can pay more attention to your leads by moving them to this group.

Lost lead: If it’s a lost lead you need to be aware of it, in order to treat them accordingly.

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