What is the purpose of conversions?

Written by Elena
A conversion occurs when a visitor completes a desired goal, such as filling out a form or making a purchase through your website. In other words, a conversion is the act of converting a website lead to a paying customer. Depending on your business's goals, some conversion types are:
  • Online sales
  • Leads
  • Email signups
  • Form completions

Conversions can be applied to specific pages or screens your users visit and the actions they take while they are there. Conversions on Hey Oliver fall into one of 3 types: Destination, Action and Form.

For example, if your campaign direct users to a specific page with a contact form asking them to submit their details, you can count how many of those who have submitted the form have previously clicked on your campaign. This allows you to create a specific marketing funnel and measure the impact of your campaign.

Another more specific example is the following: Let’s say you own an e-shop and you want to see how many users have purchased from your site. Or, if you are a marketer at a hotel you will need to see how many users have booked a room through your website. Therefore, when creating a marketing campaign through Hey Oliver to advertise a special offer, you will afterwards be able to count how many users converted through that campaign.

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