The Tools tab enables you to view the actions of your website visitors. More specifically, you can have a look at which buttons they have clicked on when browsing your website. Additionally, you can track the contact details that each of your visitors has filled in, in any form on your website.

Written by Christina, Thomas, Elena

Action Tracking

How do I set up Action Tracking?

We strongly recommend to consult your web developer in order to set up Action Tracking for your website since it requires some HTML knowledge. In order to set up your Action...

Form Tracking

How do I set up Form Tracking?

Form Tracking is an essential feature for Hey Oliver, that allows you to synchronize your existing HTML forms with the profiles of your visitors. However, we strongly recommend to...

Email Auto-Responders

Am I able to send test emails?

Definitely! Just click on the down arrow on the right and then Send test email. You then need to insert the email address that you want the test email to be sent to, in the...

Custom Tags

How can I create Custom Tags?

Custom Tags will allow you to pass custom data from your website into Hey Oliver. This will allow you to create deep tracking groups of visitors, based on detailed behavioral and transactional...

How can I add Custom Tags into my website?

Adding Custom Tags to your website is quite simple procedure. After you set your Custom Tags from the Tools > Custom Tags while logged in into your Hey Oliver account, you have to...