Marketing Automation for
Car Dealerships

Interact with car buyers at each stage and guide them to the next step

Buying a car requires a great deal of diligence in research, need for comparison and different kinds of configuration for most client. What does Hey Oliver marketing automation do in cases as this? We give you an edge over your competitors as our technology give you an insight into the interest of the clients as such you can make an individualized communication with your client with the aim of providing them with customized offers.

The right way to connect with visitors

Hey Oliver Marketing Automation tool takes care of your daily marketing tasks, and provides an exceptional level of user experience with personalized announcements and offers, while enabling you to save time and focus on other major operations. We ensure that your campaigns will engage potential clients across desktop, mobile and other available devices and channels.


Grow lifetime value by engaging buyers across channels

Every consumer expects satisfaction from every brand they purchase. With marketing automation solution, you can build trust and acquire the right customers by building the right relationships with people that drive purchases. Raising the number of simple digital interactions can advance the cause of loyalty, and each interaction allows a visitor to learn more about your brand and allows you to set the stage for customized future offerings.


Find out how Hey Oliver can help your car dealerships business

Email Marketing

Discover how you can coordinate integrated, cross-channel email marketing automation with your website, social media, digital ads, direct mail, and events.

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Action Center

The Action Center allows your users to interact with your website everywhere. They can quickly browse their notifications, chat with your representative and keep notes.

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Predictive Content

Using predictive analytics and machine learning, Hey Oliver recommends the most relevant content to the right person at the right time.

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Accelerate your sales funnel

By monitoring engagement and behavioral data from your website visitors, you become resourceful in strategizing ways of making efficient marketing campaigns that will build trust and increase sales. Prospects find out about your business and enter the top of the sales funnel, and then Hey Oliver has the responsibility of motivating those prospects through the funnel, hopefully getting them to convert to new customers, transforming your website into a lead generation machine.


Build a customer oriented website

Web based businesses often fall into the trap of putting their revenue above customer satisfaction. However, inbound marketing philosophy places the customer above everything, and this is the factor that distinguishes Hey Oliver from the competition. With our tools you focus on generating high-quality personalized conversations that target a specific audience, and provide a value offer.

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