Marketing Automation for
Ecommerce and Online Shops

An ecommerce marketing plan without automation is sailing blind.

Dynamic content being an innovative solution ensure utmost effectiveness of e-mail marketing and online sale for e-stores. Individualized marketing makes an impact in every business regardless of the product. Hey Oliver automates and eases the complete process of acquiring new customers by continually ensuring progressive engaging pop-ups, thorough conversion boosting dynamic emails and product recommendations published on the website - we make and create positive effects at all levels.

Unique marketing automation solution and recommendations for online stores

Our cutting-edge module is an absolute solution for every online store. It provides analytics of data about every user’s interest in different products and categories. Such data can be used to craft dynamic and customized email messages and personalized actions on website.


Identify customer behavior and analyze interests

Hey Oliver algorithm analyses website accessibility. This way, it identifies which button is clicked and which page is viewed by a particular user and creates his profile from what he browsed. Our cutting-edge technology boosts behavioral analysis and relies on several factors that provide data about what the customer views on the website and what interests him.


Find out how Hey Oliver can help your ecommerce and online shops business

Mobile Experiences

Hey Oliver provides mobile marketing automation that engages users with push & sms notifications, and tracks behavior in-app and across digital channels.

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Push Notifications

Engage your site visitors with web push notifications by Hey Oliver. Easily set-up trigger marketing campaigns to industrialize repetitive tasks.

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Email Marketing

Discover how you can coordinate integrated, cross-channel email marketing automation with your website, social media, digital ads, direct mail, and events.

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Product recommendation and offers engine

The e-commerce module designs messages and actions for product recommendation with ease based on the available information of your website. The product recommendation section presents offers to visitors in the most individualized manner. Products are personalized chosen in two major ways- those identified users whose contact had already been gathered and anonymous users visiting for the first time or going by their whole history.


Reach customers with dynamic emails

Hey Oliver passes the traditional email templates and our modern technology of personalized content suits your user’s behavior. This ensures that the recommended products sent via email from our system are automatically selected based on previously data of the visitor. Creating and sending such email messages has been completely simplified and they are sent gradually part by part within a set time for delivery.

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