Attract candidates & boost engagement for your educational institution.

Learn how your prospects interact with your educational institution and respond to their inquiries.

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Create an effective digital strategy that engages students

Immeasurable amounts of information about higher education institutions will be available to your students. However, they need to enroll and after enrolling they need to be engaged, even after graduation. Our Higher education marketing solutions will help you realize your objectives from enrollment requirements to fundraising goals, with a timely individualized outreach.

Show the most relevant courses to your prospects

Adjust your marketing strategy according to what courses your visitors have viewed so far, by examining their browsing history.

Segment your audience based on their preferences

Show your visitors the most relevant courses that match their interests based on which ads they have clicked on.

Turn your website into an automated machine

Create automated email campaigns in order to send reminders to your students for what they have shown an interest at.


Make personal connections anytime and anywhere with candidates

With known demographics, behavior and interests, you can engage and respond appropriately to students on any stage in the student lifecycle based on what you know about them.

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Reach students and deliver relevant, real-time messages across all channels

Get across and deliver relevant real-time messages to your students across all channels they use be it an email or a post card or a social platform. The conversation is part of an all round view of each student and you can always keep in touch from time to time.


Improve enrollment and attract ideal students with Hey Oliver

Tracking how students engage with your campaigns and website can give you clues to their eventual decisions. Monitoring engagement can also help you identify students who are highly interested and deliver more relevant content to them.

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Marketing Automation

Hey Oliver's marketing automation suite gives you the tools to easily create, automate and measure campaigns across all your marketing channels.

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Facebook Integration

Learn how our Facebook integration can help you create targeted Facebook ad campaigns and use Custom Audiences for personalization.

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Multi-User Accounts

Give your team access to one account and be able to handle all your team members in one place using Hey Oliver’s Multi-user accounts feature.

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Real Time Chat

Our real time chat lets you engage with your website visitors. Hey Oliver helps businesses convert visitors on their website to customers in real time.

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Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a proven method for turning leads into buyers. Learn how Hey Oliver can make your nurturing efforts fast, easy & effective.

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Email Marketing

Discover how you can coordinate integrated, cross-channel email marketing automation with your website, social media and digital ads.

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