Marketing Automation for
Educational Institutions

Attract candidates and boost overall student engagement

Hey Oliver doesn't just automate your university's digital marketing strategy. It also collects, analyzes, and draws conclusions so that you can understand how those people interact with your school. This competitive advantage allows you to predict prospect behavior and respond to their inquiries more effectively. Our marketing automation tool is used successfully by universities, international education companies and specialized training and coaching firm who want to increase their candidates, leads and of course, income.

Engage students as the individuals they are, throughout all channels

As of today, immeasurable amounts of information about higher education institutions are available to them. However, they need to enroll and after enrolling needs to be engaged, even after graduation. Our Higher education marketing solutions will help you realize your objectives from enrollment requirements to fundraising goal, with a timely individualized outreach


Make personal connections anytime, anywhere

With a known demographics, behavior and interests, you can engage and respond appropriately to students on any stage in the student lifecycle based on what you know about them.

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Notifications and Alerts

Attract and engage consumers across every digital marketing channel, nurture and convert with personalization, monitor your brand’s unique KPIs, and more.

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Lead Management

Our Lead Management Solution helps you attract, score, nurture, and deliver purchase-ready leads to your sales team. Improve your lead quality with Hey Oliver.

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Marketing Analytics

Discover how industry-leading marketing analytics applications help you focus resources, tie revenue to marketing campaigns, build credibility, and more.

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Reach students wherever they are

Get across and deliver relevant real-time messages to your students across all channels they use be it email or via a post card or on social platforms. The conversation is part of an all round view of each student and you can always keep in touch from time to time.


Increase impact with the same resources

With the view of focusing more on students, the easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface of our smart automation in our solution guarantees better outcomes without bigger teams.

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