Marketing Automation for
Events and Ticket Booking

Implement an urgency strategy for your event

Ticket booking for events is similar to travel agencies and very common online practice with an exponential growth rate every year. The Hey Oliver Marketing Automation system serves you with a unique and deep insight about every visitor and helps you not to only book tickets but to suggest other services too, such as car rents, tours, offers and other enjoyable means of leisure.

Grow advertiser and sponsor relationships

By creating an excellent awareness to decision-makers about your product offerings, sponsored content, digitals and media services you can be rest assured that you will get enough everyday business-business revenue as these decision-makers mostly represent members of a robust lead management.


Automate your event marketing goals

When it comes down to your event marketing goals, there's always the right Hey Oliver feature you can be doing to improve your metrics. We have a variety of tools available to automate and ease the execution of your marketing activities, such as real-time chat, push notifications, email marketing and on-site announcements. Hey Oliver, our marketing automation tool, was designed to make your conversion driven goals achievable and handle the marketing tasks you create with ease.


Find out how Hey Oliver can help your events and ticket booking business

Mobile Experiences

Hey Oliver provides mobile marketing automation that engages users with push & sms notifications, and tracks behavior in-app and across digital channels.

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Website Personalization

Real-time personalization allows any brand to convert new visitors, deepen engagement with current customers, and target key accounts right on your site.

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360 Visitor Tracking

Automatically and instantly get a full picture of every website visitor – what they've viewed, how they got to your site and what they've chatted about before.

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Complete activity profiles that give immediate insights

Every visitor's action in your website can be seen in their own activity history. With a simple click through your dashboard, you can get to see how engaged they were, what pages they visited, what offers they accepted, and whatever forms they filled out amongst others. A good knowledge of what your prospective buyers do whenever they visit you will give you an accurate prediction of their interests and how to productively reach out to them.


Bring your marketing and sales teams together

Sales and marketing are no longer separate processes. If Marketing and Sales join together under the same Hey Oliver roof with the same goals in mind, your business will be on the way to success in today's fast-paced business world. Customers expect more from you than ever before, and if you are still using traditional marketing tools to gather and close leads, you do not only waste time but you also lose money. Innovative websites use Hey Oliver, a complete sales and marketing solution, essential to integrate customer knowledge and behavior tracking with automated, cross-channel campaigns.

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