Advance your healthcare marketing substantially with Hey Oliver.

The focus will be on important, patient-centered tasks that will increase your healthcare enquiries.

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Gain a personalized communication with healthcare clients

Every individual now takes an inquisitive step into making decisions for their healthcare. Their expectations need to be met for a meaningful digital experience across all channels. Our Healthcare Marketing solutions are keen on educating visitors about your health plan, physicians and health professionals based on their behavioral pattern throughout their activities on your website.

Considerably increase your appointments

Using Hey Oliver's marketing automation tools, your website visitors will eventually turn into appointments and contented patients.

Personalize your page according to each patient

Target and personalize your website so that each patient’s health issues will be handled accordingly.

Remind your patients for their appointments

You can use marketing automation in order to create campaigns such as mass emails in order to remind your patients for their appointments.


Increase the interaction between patients and physicians

Make use of our solutions in attracting important segments and automate your on-going conversations with them. Focus more on the relevant content in any marketing channel they choose based on their interests, health behaviors or stage of their healthcare journey.

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Improve the performance of your campaigns

The effect of your marketing campaigns on business revenues should be well understood. The campaign performance will give you an added advantage in your quest to improve your business intelligence, aid your patient profiling and maximize your marketing activities.


Increase sales faster than ever before

Your sales team will be more efficient and productive than ever before through the use of Hey Oliver marketing automation tools and leads CRM. Your representatives now have more visibility into what happens within your website, through the "Live View" feature. All actions taken by each visitor separately are saved into their own personal profile while our algorithm identifies, targets and interacts with them with online and offline marketing campaigns.

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It doesn't stop here...

See what else you can do with Hey Oliver

Website Personalization

Real-time website personalization allows you to convert new visitors, deepen engagement with current customers and target key accounts.

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Segmentation and Groups

Receive a separated analysis for each of your visitors using Hey Oliver's segmentation, and achieve tailored promotions for your users.

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Multi-User Accounts

Give your team access to one account and be able to handle all your team members in one place using Hey Oliver’s Multi-user accounts feature.

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Email Marketing

Discover how you can coordinate integrated, cross-channel email marketing automation with your website, social media and digital ads.

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Integrated FAQ

Integrated FAQ is one of the most efficient ways for you to reduce the number of actions that your customer service team needs to take.

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Lead Management

Our Lead Management solution helps you attract, nurture and deliver purchase-ready leads to your sales team. Improve your lead quality.

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